EDG-Nemesis 1.0 RC1 HD for DM800 is online

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  1. bellof

    bellof Elite Lord

    4. August 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:

    Technical Infos English:
    • Enigma 2.6 Experimental of: 27.04.2009
    • Enigma2-Plugins of: 27.04.2009
    • Linux version 2.6.12-r13
    • Web Interface: 1.5beta4
    • Busybox 1.01-r15
    • Date image 27.04.2009
    • OE 1.5
    • Bitbake 1.6.8a
    • Secondstage 72-r0
    • Drivers date 10.03.2009

    Function Buttons:
    • BLUE - Nemesis Panel
    • BLUE > 1s Extensions
    • 2x BLUE - Addons
    • YELLOW – Timeshift
    • YELLOW > 1s Plugins
    • GREEN– EPG Control Center
    • GREEN > 1s subservices
    • RED – Record Menu

    Main Features:
    • Nemesis Panel 1.0
    • No enigma Restart after setting install by Blue Panel
    • No enigma Restart after plugins install by Blue Panel
    • Fully support for e2_loadepg
    • Restart enigma2 not needed to load EPG data in cache, after e2_loadepg execution
    • Support for your own scripts
    • Manage Start/Stop Services
    • Manage Start/Stop Services at boot
    • Manage Kernel Modules
    • System information
    • Start/Stop emu-cardserver separately
    • Support for your own addons server
    • Picon OSD by Channel Name or Reference
    • Support fo LCD picon by Channel Name or Reference
    • Mode Vision for LCD Brightness
    • Support for SWAP files
    • Inadyn Support, EZ-IpUpdate Support
    • Proxy Support
    • Support for Smargo
    • Samba server, Samba client, NFS Server
    • Run linux command
    • Choice for Input Box (default) or VirtulaKeyBoard (Experimental), for EPG Search and Run Command

    Extra Info Bar:
    • Manual or Automatic Show
    • Can setting Auto-show delay
    • Can setting ECM info delay
    • Can setting EMM Info delay
    • Orbital position info for lot of SAT
    • Show/Hide Network info
    • Emu-Cs info
    • Lot of info

    EPG Control Center:
    • Setting EPG location USB, CF or HDD
    • Integrated MyEPG v 0.2.4i loader directly form Sat, (Upgradable)
    • Support for SKY-IT and SKY-UK
    • Manual EPG download
    • Scheduled EPG download, via Enigma2 Timer
    • Load EPG directly in enigma2 cache without restart enigma2
    • Backup EPG enigma2 Cache
    • Erasing EPG enigma2 Cache support
    • Fixed enigma2 crash for EPG descriptor problem
    • Log for scheduled download
    • EPG search
    • EPG search history



    • Extensions:
    o Cronmanager
    o DVDPlayer
    o GraphMultiEPG
    o EPGSearch
    o IMDb
    o MediaPlayer
    o MediaScanner
    o CutListEditor
    o MovieCut
    o MovieRetitle
    o PicturePlayer
    o Tuxtxt
    o VlcPlayer
    o YouTubePlayer

    • SystemPlugins:
    o AutoResolution
    o Hotplug
    o FrontprocessorUpgrade
    o Network Browser
    o NetworkWizard
    o PositionerSetup
    o SkinSelector
    o Satfinder
    o Software Manager
    o Videomode
    o VideoTune
    o WirelessLan

    Kernel Modules added:

    • OpenVpn (tun)
    • Usb To Serial (usbserial, ftdi-sio, pl2303)
    • Nfs Server (nfsd)

    Special Thanks to developper skaman for MyEPG loader
    Special Thanks to Lukkino for opentv source code

    - developper and betatester.
    - New Bootlogo 1.0 and graphics by Server

  2. Hansen

    Hansen Freak

    26. März 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    EDG-Nemesis 1.0 RC1 HD for DM800 EXTRAS

    Extras nur für EDG-Nemesis 1.0 RC1 HD for DM800

    Zum runterladen von Emus, Plugins etc.

    Entpacken und in etc auf die Box kopieren, dann erscheint im Addonmanager der Punkt Extra.

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