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    Vu+ Player for Android

    Vu+ Player for Android is now available on Google Play.

    It was developed with and for Vu+ users in mind but it should work with any receiver compatibile with Enigma2.

    Here are some features:

    - Internal video-player with OSD (On Screen Display). No need to download and install external video-player although many others are supported.
    - Multiple connection profiles. All receivers on your network can be added
    - Browse the EPG and individual channels
    - Manage timers (add, edit, delete) either from EPG or manually. This can be done even when away from home
    - Search EPG
    - Grab screenshots from live TV
    - Manage recordings
    - Send on-screen messages
    - Satellite signal strength meter for dish alignment and adjustment
    - Integrated help (English, Italiano, Deutsch)


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