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    Stoppuhr für SmartWatch 2_v2.0


    23. November 2013


    Take control of your time with Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2. With a simple and clean design Stopwatch will feel like it belongs to your SmartWatch 2. Whenever you need to time an event just start Stopwatch from your wrist and make it happen.
    Stopwatch works with milliseconds precision and it saves battery life by showing you only the Hours:Minutes:Seconds while running. When you pause it the Stopwatch will show you the complete time.
    With Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 you can record up to 120 Flag and Lap Times per session. You can elegantly switch from main time screen to flag list time screen, by swiping your finger on your SmartWatch 2 screen.
    Stopwatch features screen Auto-Dim brightness to save battery life. This feature will automatically dim the brightness of your SmartWatch 2 screen after every 10 seconds without interaction.
    Stopwatch features Screen Off Mode where you can run Stopwatch and turn off the screen by clicking the power button once. On this mode Stopwatch doesn't consume any battery. You can resume Stopwatch by double clicking the power button.
    Stopwatch features customization options. You can change the Stopwatch theme from your Smartphone and see the changes happening live while you run Stopwatch on your SmartWatch 2.
    Stopwatch supports the SmartWatch 2 monochrome display feature.

    1) Stopwatch for SmartWatch 2 need that your SmartWatch 2 stays connected and synched with your Smartphone via bluetooth in order to work properly. For better experience please keep your SmartWatch 2 close to your Smartphone in order to allow a good bluetooth signal between the devices. Currently Sony is the only one allowed to develop standalone apps that can run on your SmartWatch 2 without the need of a smartphone.

    2) Please notice that you need to upgrade your SmartWatch 2 firmware to version 1.0.B.3.46/1.0.A.3.8 or higher in order to unlock the monochrome display capability. Firmware updates are official released by Sony to all SmartWatch 2 owners.

    Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

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    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?



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