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So spielt man die Firmware in die Box

Dieses Thema im Forum "Dreambox 100" wurde erstellt von Blade, 22. Oktober 2008.

  1. Blade

    Blade Newbie

    31. Dezember 2007
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    How to upload Firmware file to DM100

    This "how to" assumes you have already installed the UART USB COM driver and the LoaderChEditor.exe
    If you haven't installed the above then check out the following threads for files and instructions.
    OK, here goes, I've attached some pictures of the LoaderChEditor process below to help newbies ;-)
    1. Connect USB A-B lead from PC to DM100 and connect power lead to DM100.
    2. Load the 'LoaderChEditor.exe'
    3. Click on 'Tools' --> 'COM Settings' Select the COM port number the UART Serial Port driver is configured to.
    4. Click on 'Conn' Button' to connect to DM100
    5. Click on 'Up' Button to upload new firmware.
    6. An Open File box will open, from the file type drop down box select "BIN File .BIN"
    7. Select the folder that holds your "DM100_Vxxx_firmware.bin" file, click on the "DM100_Vxxx_firmware.bin" file and click 'Open'
    You will now see a box appear that displays the following message, "Reset your STB'
    Remove the power lead from the DM100 then reconnect the power lead to the DM100.
    You will see another message appear, "Writing to the flash, please do not disconnect"
    There are 2 stages to the flash process, so wait for stage 1/2 to complete then stage 2/2 to complete.
    Don't worry if stage 2 hangs for 30 seconds before the progress bar starts to move, this is normal.
    Once the file has been loaded sucessfully you'll get another message box appear to say, "Complete"
    Press OK to close the message box.
    8. Now click on the 'D-Con' button to disconnect the DM100 from the LoaderChEditor application.
    9. Power off the receiver by disconnecting the power lead from the back to reboot.
    10. Switch on DM100 and select 'Factory Reset' from the DM100 on screen menu.


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