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    Q-ACTIVE 'PROLIFIC' (20 September 08)

    New Channel List included 'Captain's List' updated [28 August 08]

    Bootlogo updated this will now only occur on new versions in future.

    Also the reset time has been reduced from 30 seconds to 5 seconds.
    That means whenever you turn off the QBox, you only need to wait 5 seconds before you can turn it back on again.

    This backup image is best used with a Motorised setup set, using the DISEqC 1.2 option.

    Based on the QBox Official Image v1.5.2.

    ================================================== ========== ====
    Please Note: The Blind Scan option will NOT work on a multi-satellite setup, it will only work on a single satellite setup and or dual.
    A fix is now being worked on, to address this issue.
    ================================================== ========== ====

    Terrestrial Channels Search okay, a folder called 'Terrestrial' will be made under 'Bouquets' containing the terrestrial channels, making it easier to locate.


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