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Angebot Software Microsoft Streets and Trips v2013

Dieses Thema im Forum "Andere" wurde erstellt von sarkany79, 4. Juli 2012.

  1. sarkany79

    sarkany79 Ist gelegentlich hier

    18. Mai 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Microsoft Streets and Trips v2013-DVTiSO

    Den Anhang 57763 betrachten

    +- Install Notes -+

    1. Unpack & Burn/Mount
    2. Install

    Video Vorschau mit Silverlight:

    Find out how easy it is to use Microsoft Streets & Trips to plan and map your travels in advance, make your business trip more efficient, and inspire your next RV expedition. Get lost in the adventure, not trying to find it.

    Explore the open road with Microsoft Streets & Trips. Tailor your trip with America’s #1 travel and map software, generate maps and directions, and find interesting stops along the way—all without an Internet connection.Let Streets & Trips help you find the adventure—not get lost finding it.

    Simple to use—Use Streets & Trips to plan the perfect trip, including multiple stops, points of interest (POI), and start and stop times.

    Save planning time—Tailor your trips by start and stop times, and driving speeds. Avoid highways, to follow a more scenic route. Include multiple destinations and stops to rest and refuel. View the quickest routes with one-click trip optimization.

    Find more fun—Select from over 2.5million POI, including campgrounds, state and national parks, gas stations, landmarks, casinos, and much more. Add POI collections such as low clearance, big-rig-friendly fuel stations, Walmart stores, or the best barbecue stops.

    Be flexible—Change your plan at any time—no Internet required.

    Personalize your maps—Add notes for planned stops, reservation details, phone numbers, and more.

    Great GPS companion—Use Streets & Trips to plan your adventure and then share the route with your GPS device for navigation along the way.2

    Turn your laptop into a navigation device—Connect your GPS receiver to your laptop to get spoken directions, including street names, automatic rerouting, and large on-screen directions.2 Need a GPS device? Streets & Trips with GPS Locator is a great value at a great price.

    See what you want—Streets & Trips includes more than 300 unique pushpin images to choose from. Show or hide your pushpin collections and easily delete visible pushpins inside or outside an area.

    Avoid surprises and delays—Download free construction updates and easily drag-and-drop your route to bypass delays.

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