Linux gamma loader with all working files for art showtime

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  1. kiliantv

    kiliantv Moderator Digital Eliteboard Team

    27. Januar 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    von weit weit weg
    17-09 art 11-10 showtime 19-08 art/showtime 30-10 art 22-08 showtime
    5 files and 5 loader no need to add any thing
    transfer usr and var folder to linux and then go to terminal
    cd /usr/bin
    chmod 755 gm ( i change name of loader from GammaLoader to gm)
    chmod 755 11
    chmod 755 17
    chmod 755 19
    chmod 755 22
    chmod 755 30
    chmod 755 nova
    open terminaland type 11
    it will load 11-10-08 file to ur gamma card
    same to other files
    11 number means 11-10-08 file of khalid for showtime
    17 number will load file 17-01-09 for art
    19 number will load 19-08-08 for show and art
    22 number will load 22-08-08 for showtime
    30 number will load 30-10-08 file for art
    if u hv one port ttyS0 then all ok. otherwise change the port setting in
    all config as per your requiremnt.
    if u want to change port in any file like 11-10-08
    got to
    edit the file
    LogFile = stdout
    GammaFile = /var/etc/11.gam
    Protocol = mouse
    Device = /dev/ttyS0
    Detect = none
    Enable = 1
    change port and save .
    all files are ready
    nova file is not compatible with this loader.
    u can make as many folder and change gamma.cof as many as u have reader in ur server.
    thats all Good Luck Bye maani_ch 

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