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    As we have mentioned this SSL is not self patching. We have left the way of so called self patching SSL. This retarded way was popular last year. We have found the self patching SSL are the cause of instability of many images. This SSL is more or less for image makers to deliver stable and working images for Ferrari users. We do not prefer quantity to quality.


    Latest SSL86F for DM800se is here - Datenbase - Digital Eliteboard

    New Drivers For DM800se Ferrari Are Here!

    Here we are with our latest drivers for Ferrari Card DM800se. As we have promised the latest drivers for DM800se are here. ALL drivers are really latest - from 9/11/2011. We have decided stop the way of on the fly patching by such self patching SSL. There are too many new protections in the latest images and such self patching SSL would be obsolete and the possible source of instability along our latest investigations connected with E2 ver.3 and higher. We want to deliver stable images only. We are sorry for the new drivers delay.


    New Drivers For DM800se Ferrari - Datenbase - Digital Eliteboard


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