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    Python 1.12 is another major step forward with respect to MTD. If you want to do serious MTD, there is no way around the DeltaCam.

    Phyton 1.12

    Changes since Python 1.11 Cobra 1.11:
    • [HOT] FastMode (Ins7e11) for NDS SmartCards (see below)
    • ‘Descrambling Control’ option added (see below)
    • NDS EMM bug fixed which could lead to a SmartCard crash (e.g. Sky V14)
    • Fixed Funcard with certain files

    FastMode (Ins7e11)

    FastMode (Ins7e11) improves NDS SmartCard answer times, which effectively allows 4 channels to be descrambled in parallel with the low-latency NDS system together with slow SmartCards like the Sky V13.
    To enable the feature for a certain NDS SmartCard, one has to enable it via the ‘RSA-Box keys’ file. An example together with an explanation can be found here. The file has to be flashed to the DeltaCam via the DeltaFlashLoader tool, see DeltaCam Update Manual.

    Descrambling Control

    Deterministic [default]
    The DeltaCam flags the streams of a service as being descrambled only in case they are really being descrambled. This enables very fine-grained CAM cascading capabilities.

    The DeltaCam already flags the streams as being descrambled in case it detects a match between the supported CAS of the desired service and the inserted SmartCard(s). At this point however, it does not know for sure whether the service can really be descrambled. The flagging might be wrong, for example in case the provider is not supported by the inserted SmartCard(s) or entitlements are missing, resulting in a cascaded CAM not being able to descramble the service either. Only use this setting if you experience unexpected delays or “service scrambled” messages when switching services with your TV/STB!

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