Cool TV Guide V2.1.0 by Coolman

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    Cool TV Guide V2.1.0 by Coolman

    Update on Cool TV Guide V2.1.0 by Coolman

    Please uninstall all old versions V2.0 and reboot!

    this is not urgent ...
    but safe

    for the new Cool 3D I had to completely change the folder structure ...

    if you have the old version that is installed in a skin, which brings its own 3D Design
    and later uninstalled ...
    automatically are the PNGs were also be deleted
    and without PNGs, there is no 3D
    or no more standard view ...

    3D views / default view (selectable)
    so there are now at:
    / Usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/CoolTVGuide/Cool3D /

    3 new folders:
    Standard (default view)
    Skindesigner (so that skins can insert your own design)
    MyDesign (for your self-made designer)
    thus can now make each person has their own look easy

    and you can then setup between the different styles choose

    was added to a car function:
    if in a folder (eg Skindesigner) PNGs are not available, or the entire folder was deleted ...
    then it automatically falls back to the default folder!
    Thus, so Skinner can easily delete your 3D design is uninstalled again

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