HowTo Anleitung zur neuen SW 1.2.65

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    STB would hang up if stb match the following conditions:
    1. System version from 1.2.60 to 1.2.64
    2. Internet is available
    3. Your city list is NOT vacant in weather forecast
    For those receivers can boot normally, only need upgrade new s/w 1.2.65 in system upgrade menu.
    For those receivers which already can NOT boot, we have following methods to recover:
    A. If you know the IP address of the receiver, connect receiver via FTP tools and remove this file:
    /root/spark/AppUserDb/weather.xml , then reboot and upgrade new s/w 1.2.65 from menu
    If don’t know the IP address of receiver, you can try DCC to auto search the receiver (make
    sure the receiver and PC in same LAN)
    Copy app folder s/w to USB; connect USB stick to STB, then go to menu/system/upgrade/upgrade
    from USB select the xml file which in app folder to upgrade.
    B. for user who don’t care about settings, channel list/plugin data etc. upgrade with rescue image
    How to upgrade rescue image 1.2.65 by USB:
    1. We only recommend Kingston USB stick; we don’t support USB hard disk
    2. Please make sure your USB stick only have 1 partition and the file system is
    3. Set default booting system to [spark], (if you are running spark, then skip this step)
    Upgrade Step:
    1. Make sure [C:/spark] is exist, if not, please create this folder.
    2. Copy [mImage] and [userfsub.img] to [C:/spark]
    3. Connect USB stick to STB
    4. Keep Pressing [OK] Button in Front Panel, then power on STB.
    5. After 5 seconds, you will see [Forc] in LED, release [OK] button and press
    [Right/volume up] Button. ,you will see [Frct] in LED
    6. If everything OK, You will see [U LD] shining in LED
    7. If upgrade success, You will see [SUCC] and STB reboot automatically
    8. If upgrade not finishes in 5 minutes, then there must be something wrong, please
    Check your configuration and re-try.
    C: for those who need save user data, need upgrade the special mimage ,then reboot and upgrade
    new s/w 1.2.65 from menu.

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