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Produktivität Analytics Pro for iPad

Dieses Thema im Forum "iPad Apps/Spiele" wurde erstellt von mariomoskau, 19. September 2013.

  1. mariomoskau

    mariomoskau Elite Lord Supporter

    26. Januar 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Analytics Pro for iPad

    Erfordernisse: Erfordert iOS 5.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.


    Analytics Pro is now available for the iPad. It has all the features you want and need plus a few more…

    - Thumbnail Previews for your Websites
    - Favorites Picker to easily access your most used reports
    - Multiple Accounts and Profiles
    - Goal Names
    - Intuitive Graphs & Maps
    - Multiple Graphs and data for all metrics
    - Export data to TXT or PDF (60 different Reports)
    - Print Reports directly to a printer on a wireless network with AirPrint (requires iOS 4.2 and compatible printer).
    - Drill Down through your data
    - Fast on 3G, Wifi or Edge.

    The Summary reports give you a snapshot of recent visitor activity on your site, split into five groups: Visitors, Traffic Sources, Referral Sources, Top Content, Top 10 Countries, Operating System and Search Keywords.
    - Hourly visitor statistics for Today and Yesterday
    - Daily visitor statistics for a preset or custom date range.

    - Visitor Statistics on a Daily and Hourly Graph. All reports display multiple data metrics such as Visits, Page Views, Time on Site, New Visits and Bounce Rate.
    - Visitor Statistics are also displayed on a World or US Map with Pan and Zoom function enabling you to easily visualise where your visitors are coming from. Select a country and drill down to Daily and Hourly Statistics for your selected Country or US State.
    - Visitor Statistics by Continent, Country & City
    - Visitor Language
    - Visitor Loyalty
    - Browser, Browser Version and Operating System
    - Operating System and Version
    - Colors & Resolution
    - Flash Support
    - Java Support
    - Network Domain
    - Network Location
    - Hostname
    - Connection Speed

    - Traffic Sources show where your visitors come from, including links that display the actual web page that your visitors came from.
    - Identify the Search Keywords visitors are using to find your site.
    - Adwords Campaigns summarises key metrics for your Adwords Campaigns.
    - Keyword Positions shows metrics for Ad Slot, Keyword and Ad Position.
    - Campaign Performance shows Daily Trend Graph for CPM/CPC, CTR, Ad Cost, Impressions & adClicks.
    - Ad Versions summarises Ad Content for each Campaign.

    - Top Content
    - Top Content By Title
    - Top Landing Pages
    - Top Exit Pages
    - Site Search Keywords
    - Site Search Categories
    - Event Categories
    - Event Actions
    - Event Trending showing a daily trend graph of Events. Selected any day to drill down and view your Event Categories, Actions and Labels for the selected day.

    - Goal Completions. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20
    - Goal Starts. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20
    - Goal Value. Graphs for All Goals and Goals 1-20

    - Hourly E-Commerce statistics for Today and Yesterday
    - Daily E-Commerce for a preset or custom date range.
    - The Summary Reports include a Transaction Revenue Graph, a Summary of key transaction metrics and summaries of Top Products, Top SKUs and Top Categories.
    - The Transaction Daily Trend Graph enables you to drill down through your data to see the Transactions and Purchases for any day. Includes Quantity, Revenue, Tax, Shipping and Conversion Rate Metrics.
    - Revenue Reports showing Total Transaction Revenue, Average Revenue per Visit, Average Goal Value per Visit and Average Revenue Per Advertisement Click.
    - Individual Summary Reports for Products, SKUs and Product Categories.

    You must have a Google Account set up to use Google Analytics in order to use this App.

    Visit our website to find out more.
    Requires OS 5.0 or later.


    Version: 1.4.3
    Größe: 13.7 MB
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