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Web Radio Plugin für Beta1 23,092,010 SF 10x8 (Firmware 10 844)

Dieses Thema im Forum "OCTAGON SF-908G, SF918, SF1008, SF1018, SF1028" wurde erstellt von murati, 24. September 2010.

  1. murati

    murati Super-Moderator Digital Eliteboard Team

    27. März 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    </SPAN>hier was ganz Interessantes für die die was Probieren möchten...

    I have the firmware to the web radio plugin API 1:04 10 844 or adapted. 
    On this occasion I have significantly revised and improved.
    Tested with Firmware 10844th
    Have fun with it.
    Here, as always, the details:
    webradio BETA1 09/23/2010
    for Octagon 10x8
    by maxodil
    contact: maxodil on
    WARNING: Firmware MINIMUM 10 844
    - General code improvements
    - Adjustments to the Plugin API 1:04
    - No limit to only 9 more channels
    - VFD display support (display on the device itself)
    - Buffering by file size (not time)
    - CPU consumption in the background now negligible
    - Optics
    Octagon depends on the network (LAN or WLAN) and can the Internet.
    For SF-1008 HD: It MUST be a USB stick or a hard disk
    be connected.
    For SF-1018 HD: built-in internal plate.
    Installation is done like any other plugin.
    (Copy plugin directory on a USB plug, the Octagon).
    Channel settings are
    / Var / etc / webradio.cfg
    Logs can see here:
    tail-f / tmp / webradio.log
    Plugin start. Then nothing happened only once. After the start is
    you have a WebRadio.mp3 on the disk / stick of the Octagon. This please
    simply reflect (like any other mp3 file).
    After a few seconds launches the web radio. Shortly thereafter you should the
    first transmitter heard. Further operation should be trivial.
    If you want to listen to the webradio via the optical output, starts the
    Press play on the radio mode (TV / RAD button). This will
    a bug of Fortis SW bypassed.
    You can also register your web radios. These are available in
    / Var / etc / webradio.cfg
    The stations in the need to reference the stream directly webradio.cfg
    (No m3u, etc, if necessary; m3u open with text editor and extract the URL).
    It works only MP3 music platforms (no WMA, ogg no, no Shoutcast).
    Since we have no rational plugin interface for media playback,
    is this the media player plugin tricked. There arise
    following limitations, which we probably have to live:
    - Something strange start procedure (via reproduction of the WebRadio.mp3)
    - The playback display in the media player displays nonsense
    - If the stream stops from the Internet, breaks the play if necessary
    from. You must then restart the playback of WebRadio.mp3.
    - Does not show song title, artist, etc.
    - The stream lands while playing on the plate (only a few MB)
    - Optical output only works when starting on the radio mode 
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 24. September 2010

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