ROM Vituous Unity Sense 3.0 für HTC Desire S / HD / Z / Incredible S & mehr

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    20. Mai 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Vituous Unity Team proudly presents:


    Virtuous Unity ist das erste Custom Sense 3.0 ROM, welches für WVGA Bildschirme aufbereitet wurde, basierend auf der Software vom HTC Sensation (Pyramid).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Unterstützte Geräte:

    • Desire HD
    • Desire Z
    • Desire S
    • Incredible S
    • Inspire 4G
    • myTouch 4G


    • Based on the official Sensation shipping ROM (

    • Ported for full functionality on each supported devices. Additional device support is being added regularly.

    • Resized for WVGA (800x480) displays, using a purpose built tool to modify HTC's proprietary m10 binaries, developed by Flemmard and Diamondback.

    • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.

    • Overclocked kernels with numerous additional kernel modules.

    • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1.2Ghz-245MHz/ondemand screen-on, 806Mhz-245Mz/conservative screen-off), via custom built Virtuous_OC C daemon.

    • Trackpad wake support (DesireZ/G2 and MT4G only).

    • Fully functional device hardware, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.

    • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.

    • Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.


    Vituous Unity Sense 3.0 v2.39

    Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.39.0

    New Features
    New Virtuous Tweak app in the Settings
    One of the first apps build on top of the HTC SDK.
    Look and Feel in the settings like in most HTC apps.
    Updated kernels to Unity V9 for the following devices:
    HTC Desire HD (Ace)
    HTC Inspire 4G (Ace)
    HTC Desire Z (Vision)
    HTC Desire S (Saga)
    HTC Incredible S (Vivo)
    T-Mobile G2 (Vision)
    T-Mobile myTouch 4G (Glacier)

    With the following enhancements:
    Boot problems on HTC Incredible S (Vivo) solved
    Added VDD sysfs interface (give the possibilty to undervolt CPU)
    OC up to 2.0GHz
    lots of other fixes and enhancements too
    Disabled debugging notification icon
    Increased battery saving in sleep mode
    Improved scrolling responsiveness

    Fixed black screen after call ends
    Fixed call delay


    • Handy muss S-Off sein
    • Clockwork Mod oder 4EXT Recovery muss installiert sein
    • Backup des kompletten Systems mit Clockwork Mod oder 4EXT Recovery erstellen!!!!


    • zip Paket herunterladen und auf die Speicherkarte kopieren
    • Ins Recovery Menü booten und einen Full wipe des Systems, data, cache und dalvik cache mit Clockwork Mod oder 4EXT Recovery durchführen
    • Im Recovery Menü die Option "Install zip from SD" wählen
    • Die heruntergeladene zip auswählen und bestätigen
    • Nach der Installation das Handy neu starten (kann ein paar Minuten dauern!)

    Ältere Version:

    Vituous Unity Sense 3.0 v2.37

    Vituous Unity Sense 3.0 v2.35

    Vituous Unity Sense 3.0 v1.31.0

    Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.37.0

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed backlight buttons for vivo (Incedible S) and vivow (Incedible 2)
    Fixed saga (Desire S) voice search
    Fixed internet-pass-through
    Fixed deleting messages in message app
    Fixed wifi calling TMOUS
    Fixed stock lockscreen white background
    Fixed size photo grid widget
    Fixed size mail widget

    New Features
    Added theme HoneyHD
    Updated theme Revolution
    Updated kernel for ace and vision to Unity V6

    Changelog für Virtuous Unity v2.35

    As there were so many changes it's really hard to make a changelog for this. But we integrate all changes from previous versions into the new one. And we also made some changes which you will hopefully like.


    -Update Base to 1.45.401.2 of Pyramid.
    -Reduced overall font sizes.
    -Virtuous Unity options in the Settings.
    -Configurable Quicksettings.
    -Perfect Rosie Integrated.
    -Many applications were fully re-sized again.
    -Numerous other changes.


    -Droid Incredible are currently unsupported, pending patched egl libs.
    -Incredible S and Incredible 2 backlight not currently working.

    Changelog für Virtuous Unity v1.31.0

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed missalignment of timer on lockscreen
    2. Fixed weather app ® for translated ReelFeel®
    3. Fixed weather app too long translations in detail view (special polish)
    4. Fixed close tab button in browser
    5. Fixed graphic glitch on bottom of calendar (thanks to liamstears)
    6. Fixed graphic glitch on bottom of gallery (thanks to liamstears)

    New Features

    1. Added Cypis’ ‘Amazing Sense’-Theme
    2. Added Transparent-Theme (Rosie default non transparent anymore)
    3. Added Virtuous Overclocking Controller app
    4. Added backup and secure folder in MMS app
    5. Added Wifi Ad Hoc mode
    6. Added new locales

    1. Estonia
    2. Latvian
    3. Lithuanian
    4. English Indian

    1. Added partial Arabic support (rest will be available as patch)
    2. Increased read ahead buffers for sdcard
    3. Enabled hearing aid compatibility

    All credits (Downloads, Bilder) to Vituous Unity Team!

    (As there are: Flemmard, Diamondback, chrisch1974, rmk, mdj, seo, eViL D: and Cypis from xda-developers)
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  2. rocketchef

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    20. Mai 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Tweaks für Virtuous Unity 2.39 (Flashen über Recovery):

    Beats Audio für Virtuous Unity 2.39

    - Credits to Lyapota -

    Den Anhang 45014 betrachten

    Stock Batterieanzeige in Prozent für Virtuous Unity 2.39

    - Credits to UOT Kitchen -
    Den Anhang 44994 betrachten Den Anhang 44995 betrachten
    Bulletproof Tweaks für Virtuous Unity 2.39

    - Credits to he_stheone64 -

    Einstellen lässt sich damit u.a.:

    • 5x4 app drawer
    • Rechter Dock Button auf beliebige app
    • Batterie Anzeige inkl. Farbe und Prozent
    • Signalstärke in dBm
    • Staus Icon Farben für Uhr, Batterie %, Signal,
    • Recent apps ein- oder ausblenden
    • screen off- und on
    • Overscroll settings
    • Uhr ausblenden
    • 4G oder H Icon

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