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    Truck Stops and Travel Plazas_v4.5.1

    3. März 2013



    Now with driver ratings & weather! Need a stop for the night with showers, laundry, TripPak, Subway and bulk DEF? This is the only app that can show exactly that to you and without service. The #1 Trucker app of all time is regularly updated with more data than any other source online, offline or anywhere. Truck stops, rest stops, washes, service, motel parking, low clearances, road grades, road laws and much more.Try it: Demo at
    "Top mobile app for truckers: An all-in-one GPS-based transportation app...A highly-customizable search and filter option lets you find almost anything ahead of time."
    ➤CDL Life
    "Hands down the greatest truck driver resource available now. Seems like they thought of everything but it keeps getting better every month."
    ➤Truck Resources
    ➤As seen in "Harvard Business Review"
    "I paid hundreds for another device and this app does a lot more and is more accurate to boot." ➤Dave Nelson
    The ultimate GPS Map app for truck drivers. 100% Made in the USA, this is the only ad free, tablet ready truck stop app that is updated with driver comments and backed by a no questions full refund policy.
    Where are the closest truck stops like Flying Js? Who has bulk DEF? TripPak pickup times? Where is the next service dealer or tank cleaning? How about a westbound Rest area or turnout? Steep grades? Where are low clearance bridges?
    Truck & Travel checks your location and displays all points on a map view. Or get a text list of the nearest points to you right now. Filter by type to see only what you want to see on the map and zoom out. Use the offline manual lookup to find locations by type, state and city - even without service!
    ➤WHAT'S IN IT:
    ✔Flying J Travel Plazas
    ✔Loves Travel Stops
    ✔TA Travel Center
    ✔Petro Stopping Centers
    ✔AM Best
    ✔Pacific Pride Commercial
    ✔Roadys and other smaller brands
    ✔Thousands of independents.
    ✔Weigh stations
    ✔CAT scales
    ✔Bulk DEF filter
    ✔Turn outs and rest areas by heading.
    ✔Low clearances
    ✔Road Grades and Runaway truck ramps (partial)
    ✔Truck washes (Blue Beacon, Eagle, indies)
    ✔Tank cleaning
    ✔Walmart (Parking/No Parking)
    ✔Home Depot, Lowes
    ✔Speedco, Thermo King
    ✔Dealers (International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Western Star, Freightliner)
    ✔TSE (Truck Stop Electrification) with Airedock, CabAire, IdleAir, and Shorepower
    ✔Resources on highway conditions, emergency numbers, road access rules, rest area parking, gun carry laws, speed limits, hazmat routes, idling laws, cell and texting laws, open containers, sobriety checkpoints and more.
    ✔Motels that ADVERTISE truck parking.
    ➤TRUCK STOP DETAILS (filters for most)
    ✔parking spaces
    ✔diesel lanes
    ✔Tripak with pick up times
    ✔game room
    ✔dump station
    ✔Bulk DEF
    ✔tire care
    ✔road service
    ✔service bays
    ✔travel and cb stores
    ✔Western Union and check cashing
    ✔UPS and FedEx

    + Truck stop ratings and reviews
    + NOAA GPS based weather for each point
    + Search for specific locations around you on a map or even satellite view.
    + Multiple types of icons to help spot things on the map.
    + Advanced filters: Only want a certain brand with parking, showers, ATM, Bulk DEF, TSE and a Wendys?
    + One-touch calling for places that have a phone number listed.
    + One-touch directions for all POIs.
    + GPS text displayed
    + Provides data without service.
    + Supports a manual lookup where users can look up locations by state and city.
    ** Phone Call Permission: This is so you can call the place with a button.
    Requests? Email: for a quick real reply.
    We support REFUNDS any time. If you are not happy with this app for any reason or it doesn't work on your particular phone, contact us.
    ** The developer of another app for truckers continues to leave negative reviews for my apps as well as do some very clear cut copyright infringement. Please support original work here in the USA. **
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