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Spekulationen The reason Sky Italia Hack is not public


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28. September 2008
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There has been quite a lot of interest in the changed CAM crypt that Sky Italia recently started using.
Here we will detail what will be happening in the upcoming weeks.

Today we will just start with some simple facts:

* The initialization sequence to the card now seems to require ZKT (D0 4A and D0 5A) *
* The control words received from the card need to go through an extra hashing process *

A working solution exists.

You may ask why the solution has not been made public yet and here are some of the reasons for that:

1. All the whining in various forums has not encouraged a public release.

2. It was expected that Sky UK would have implemented the same counter measure and there was no reason to impact those plans.

3. The counter measure opens up for 3 different post processing modes where only the first one has been put to use.

All 3 methods involve hashing and method 2 and 3 were not fully understood until recently.
When method 1 is released we may see a change to method 2 or 3.

Stay tuned for more information soon.....

(16-November-2009 06:01)

The whining bit is especially relevant, it is driving most of the old skool into the underground..............

As some people have noticed the part of the ECM destined for the STB has been changed.
More specifically 0x80 0x01 0x03 0xb0 0x01 0x01 was added in the part of the ECM named CA flags.
To make a correct solution it is necessary to parse both the CW flags and CA flags of the ECM and dig out the just mentioned data.

But before getting started with all this, ZKT seems to be needed in the initialization sequence of the card.
Luckily this is rather simple if you do not plan on doing the full verification, and the information needed can easily be found on various forums or determined by logging the start-up sequence on an original STB.

We all know that Christmas is over a month away and therefore you cannot have any presents without doing a little work yourself.
When OSCam has been extended with simple support for D0 4A and D0 5A then it will make sense to continue.
Also it would be a good idea to start working on a parser for the Cw and Ca flags of the ECM.

Stay tuned for more information soon.....

mfg cogan


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12. September 2009
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AW: The reason Sky Italia Hack is not public

Woher hast du diese info???
also die Quelle sollte Angels-of-Fire sein.wo er es gelesen hat weiss ich natürlich ned geht in einigen Boards umher ;)

aber einen Proof hierfür gibt es auch nicht wirklich




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5. März 2008
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AW: The reason Sky Italia Hack is not public

ich habs im eurocardsharing gelesen, da hat es aber auch jemand aus einem anderen forum kopiert und natürlich ohne quellen angabe :emoticon-0138-think