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TeamDucktales Enigma2 für TF7700HDPVR (0.3.1)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Dreambox 7000" wurde erstellt von Underworld, 29. Juni 2009.

  1. Underworld

    Underworld VIP

    13. Mai 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    # #
    # Team Ducktales' Enigma2 image for the TF7700HDPVR #
    # #
    # Release 0.3.1 #
    # #

    The provided image is based on the Linux operating system and includes
    the Enigma2 PVR application. Please read this document carefully before
    installing the image.

    New features and bugfixes (since 0.3.0)
    + Feature: added support for the lower CI slot
    + Feature: more than 2 simultaneous recordings are possible
    + Feature: added VFD support for displaying some UTF-8 characters (ä, ö, ü)
    + Feature: added VFD support for displaying strings in upper case
    (to display strings in lower and upper case comment out the line
    "/bin/tffpctl --allcaps 1" in /etc/init.d/rcS)
    + Update: incorporated the new enigma2 version (05/30/2009)
    + Update: incorporated the new web interface version (06/04/2009)
    + Fix: disabled the HDD standby by default to avoid annoying spindowns/spinups
    + Fix: fixed the issue with multiple recordings on the same transponder
    (timeshift also works while recording on the same transponder)
    + Fix: fixed fast forward for MP3 in MediaPlayer
    + Fix: increased the framebuffer memory to 12MB to allow HD skins
    + Fix: added missing file in Tuxtxt plugin
    + Fix: made timeshift start more stable
    + Fix: fixed mkv video with h264 or divx/xvid
    + Fix: reduced picture artifacts when browsing through e2 menus

    Unsupported features and known problems
    - The only supported tuner type is DVB-S2 CX24116/CX24118.
    - Volume control keys
    Due to an incompatibility with many menus the keys right/left cannot be used
    for volume control. Therefore, the volume can be controlled via the frame
    control keys |< and >|.
    - Timeshift ignores the recorded buffer if the time elapsed since
    activation is less than 6-7 seconds.
    Workaround: do not unpause timeshift in the first 8 seconds.
    - "Fast forward" does not work properly at speeds higher than 8x.
    "Jump forward" can be used instead (see playback keys).
    - Rewind does not work properly. Sometimes enigma2 freezes when rewinding.
    "Jump back" can be used instead (see playback keys).
    - Samsung LCD TVs will probably have problems with the default resolution
    - HDD shuts down and spins up very often, workaround - disable HDD standby in
    e2 settings.
    - With "AC3 downmix on" there is no sound on optical when AC3 stream is
    selected. With "AC3 downmix off" the system migt freeze when zapping to
    channels with AC3.
    - There are problems with switching between different satelleites via Diseqc.
    It takes several seconds to tune to a channel on another satellite.
    - Simultaneous output to HDMI and Scart is not supported.
    - Sporadic hangers when zapping during an active HDTV recording
    - Sporadic problems with old frames in a live stream (flashbacks)
    - Under certain conditions it is possible that a transponder is blocked.
    Workaround: switch to another transponder and then back.
    - The receiver does not shut down after timer events when "after event"
    is set to "auto".

    When reporting problems please provide console logs documenting the system

    The software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.

    Please consider that you may lose manufacturer's warranty when installing
    this image.

    This is an alpha image. That is some functions may not be available or be
    buggy (causing crashes/freezes or loss of data).

    The installation of the Enigma2 image formats (ext2) the internal harddisk
    unless installation on a USB HDD is selected.
    ALL FILES ON THE HARDDRIVE WILL BE LOST. When reverting the installation
    on the internal HDD to the original Topfield firmware all Enigma2 files
    will be lost too.

    Installation instructions
    You will need either a USB stick or a USB harddrive with FAT32 filesystem.
    - Copy the files Enigma_Installer.tfd, uImage, rootfs.tar.gz and
    Engima_Installer.ini to the USB device. Please read the instructions
    in Engima_Installer.ini on how to modify the installation process.
    - Attach the drive to the USB slot.
    - Open the Topfield firmware update menu and select the image file
    Enigma_Installer.tfd on the USB drive.
    - Start the firmware update from USB. This part is very quick.
    Restart the receiver when the display shows the blinking END
    - After about 6-7 minutes the installation should be finished.
    - When installing to a USB HDD (option usbhdd in Enigma_Installer.tfd)
    the installer will ask you to detach the initial USB device and to
    attach a USB HDD to install to.

    During the installation the VFD shows the current installation step and
    error messages (if any):

    "9 USB STCK" mounting USB stick
    "STCK DETACH" waiting for USB device to be detached (USB HDD installation)
    "HDD ATTACH" waiting for USB HDD to be attached (USB HDD installation)
    "8 HDD PART" partitioning HDD
    "7 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (root fs)
    "6 HDD FMT" formatting HDD (data fs)
    "5 HDD SWAP" creating swap
    "4 ROOT FS" installing root file system
    "3 LOADER" flashing U-Boot settings
    "2 KERNEL" flashing kernel
    "1 FSCK" checking file system
    "0 REBOOT" rebooting within 2 seconds

    When installing to a USB HDD the contents of the internal HDD remain unchanged.

    When using the option "keepsettings" in Engima_Installer.ini the newer settings
    (incl. keymap.xml updates) will not be installed.

    It is recommended to attach a cable to the serial port and log the output in a
    terminal program (e.g. TeraTerm) during the installation and the first start.
    Serial port settings: 115200, 8, N, 1.

    The USB filesystem should be writable to prevent infinite installation loop.
    (The file uImage is renamed to avoid the infinite loop.)

    The first start usually takes approximately 3 minutes due to creation of
    device nodes.

    To uninstall Enigma2, copy your favorite Topfield firmware on your stick and
    rename it to "topfield.tfd" (don't forget to rename uImage_ if necessary). The
    installer will flash the firmware and reboot the Toppy. There have been reports
    that the PVR appears to be dead for about 5 minutes until the picture comes on
    the TV screen. So please be patient. Enigma2 can also be removed by flashing a
    regular Topfield firmware image using standard tools like TFD-Down or VegaPack
    via the serial interface.

    First start
    On the first start the Enigma2 interactively configures the video output to be
    used. The following options are available:
    - Component
    - HDMI
    - Scart
    - HDMI-PC
    Each connection type is switched on for 30 seconds. The VFD displays the
    connection type which is currently active. You can either wait until the
    connection type you want is displayed and your TV shows a picture or you
    can select the connection type with Up and Down buttons on the remote control.
    Confirm the desired connection type with the Ok button. After that you can
    proceed with the configuration supported by the configuration wizard.
    The image contains a default channel table. If you want to replace it you can
    perform a channel scan later.

    Network configuration
    The U-Boot settings contain the following configuration by default:
    MAC address 00:3e:9e:11:22:33
    IP address

    That is after booting the image you can login via telnet if your computer is in
    the same subnet.

    These values are set up by the U-Boot. You can change the values
    in Enigma2 menu "Settings/System/Network.../Adapter settings".

    Playback keys
    Play - shows the file list
    Pause - pauses playback or activates timeshift
    Stop - stops playback or timeshift
    Record - opens the record dialog for starting stopping recording
    Yellow - pause/unpause playback
    Green - continue playback
    Red - jump to the beginning
    Blue - jump to the next bookmark
    1/3 jump 15 seconds backwards/forwards (configurable in the settings menu)
    4/6 jump 60 seconds backwards/forwards (configurable in the settings menu)
    7/9 jump 5 minutes backwards/forwards (configurable in the settings menu)

    Full key map can be found in the file /usr/local/share/enigma2/keymap.xml.

    Team Ducktales

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