Talk Suche oscam info für Dreambox 800se das wie ist

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  1. hansi1984

    hansi1984 Freak

    25. August 2008
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    Wie der Titel schon sagt bin ich auf der Suche nach einem Plugin für oscam für die dreambox was wie das funktioniert, damit man nicht immer den rechner mit webif nutzen muss, sondern bequem per fernbedienung schauen kann.
  2. symbi

    symbi Hacker

    21. März 2008
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    AW: Suche oscam info für Dreambox 800se das wie ist

    ein kleines UP für diese Anfrage. Das interessiert mich auch!
    hwmmc gefällt das.
  3. hwmmc

    hwmmc Elite Lord

    14. August 2009
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    AW: Suche oscam info für Dreambox 800se das wie ist

    Den Anhang 46622 betrachten Den Anhang 46623 betrachten Den Anhang 46624 betrachten Den Anhang 46625 betrachten Den Anhang 46626 betrachten
    [FONT=courier new]# Oscam Info Plugin V0.4
    With this plugin to allow various information about the Oscam
    These data are taken from the web interface of the Oscam, so
    It is essential that the plug-in the access
    Attend to know. There are 2 options, which
    Main Menu -> Settings (green button):
    achieve are:
    1. Read user data from oscam.conf true
    ... The effect that the necessary data directly from
    the file is read oscam.conf. The path
    there is determined automatically (for time
    but only in the / usr / keys and
    / Etc looking for, what are the normal directories,
    where such data should be driving.
    2. Reading from Benuterdaten oscam.conf false
    ... Appear in the configuration screen additional
    Entries, where the necessary data (user name, password,
    IP address and port) can be entered.
    This makes it possible, for example, to switch rapidly from the data
    the local box (ie what is the plugin) and another Oscam-
    to switch servers. These are at the 2nd The possibility of data
    write a different server. If we choose now "read user data ... -> true"
    you get the display of the local box, with "false" to the external server.
    In the settings menu, there is then the time for 2 more points:
    Update interval (in seconds)
    - Specifies how often to update the display.
    Font Size Log
    - Is currently available for testing purposes, set the font size when viewing
    to change in the log. After a change of this value is a Enigma2 restart
    absolutely necessary.
    Now to the main menu:
    Red Button - Exit the plugin
    Green button - Settings menu
    Yellow button - Version Info for Oscam (from file / tmp / .oscam / oscam.version)
    Blue Key - Show this text here
    1. See ECM-Info (local box)
    shows the contents of the file "/ tmp /" at. This ad works
    regardless of which server will be available from other data, shows
    However, only the local Box.
    It can by pressing the corresponding colored button to display a different (clients,
    Server to switch).
    2. Clients View
    shows the active clients, including IP address, name, online time, CAID: srvid and
    It can by pressing the corresponding colored button to display a different (ECM-Info,
    Server to switch).
    3. Reader's Proxies
    displays the active server, with no distinction in the plugin, whether it is
    by Reader (ie actually existing card reader) is, or proxies (compound
    to other servers)
    It can by pressing the corresponding colored button to display a different (ECM-Info,
    Clients to switch).
    4. View Log
    displays the latest entries in the log Oscam. These data come from well
    the Web, but in reverse order, ie the most recent entry
    is always on top. The set update interval is also
    5. Settings
    the setup menu (same as pressing the green button)
    # changelog v.0.7-r1
    many code fixxes
    known bugs:
    mainmenu-updating only by exit and go into plug again.
    # changelog v.0.7-r2
    - lang-folder fixxed (po changed to pl)
    - menues recreated for better setup
    - mainmenu-bug fixxed
    # changelog v.0.8
    - plugin-session-autostart now!
    - no scripts or other panels needed now for start you fav cam also on bootup!
    put binary in binaryfolder, configfiles in configfolder, activate cam and if cam should autostart@bootup activate
    comming soon only as note:
    caminfo full integrated and much more in a new simple-user-panel who works on all e2!
    when finished i give a note here and openening new thread for them than!
    further caminfo updates than only in new PinkPanel-thread/code!
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    ymayer und symbi gefällt das.
  4. Brainbug

    Brainbug Ist oft hier

    28. Oktober 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Ist die Oscaminfo in dem Pink Panel enthalten ??
    Ich weiß jetzt gerade nicht was ich installen soll um Infos der Oscam zu erhalten.

    Welcher Port ist bei dem Local-cam-setup gemeint ? Der Webif Port?
    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 4. Dezember 2011
  5. Martos777

    Martos777 Newbie

    26. Juli 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    AW: Suche oscam info für Dreambox 800se das wie ist

    Bekomme einen GreenScreen wenn ich INFO zu OSCAM aufrufe..............

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