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    Slow Fast Video Booth


    !! Must buy !!"
    From the makers of Helium Video Booth comes another fun App that allows you to record your video in various speeds.
    Rev up your video recordings or slow them down to snail speed and watch the fun.
    Record a dance video and change speeds to get many laughs. There is no limit to your creativity with this one.

    Share with your friends and create many fun filled memories

    Features of this application are
    + Select different speed
    + No limitation on the length of the video
    + Record video using either front and back camera
    + Use flash to record video in dark (if device supports it)
    + Provide name or details of your recording
    + Share recorded video with others using mail, youtube
    + Save video to camera roll (and then send video as mms)

    Download this application now and start having fun with your creativity.

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