ROM Samsung Galaxy S-ICS-MIUI-Android 4.0

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    AW: Samsung Galaxy S-ICS-MIUI-Android 4.0

    Von wem?
    Wie wird es geflasht?
    Was läuft?
    Was läuft nicht?
    Ist es CM9 oder von onesomic oder von galnet usw.
    Einfach hier reinstellen ohne irdendwelche Hinweise, wird den Leuten das Handy unter Umständen zerschiessen.
    Das kannst du als Mod. bestimmt besser!
    So z.B.

    CyanogenMod ist eine freie, von einer Community entwickelten, Firmware Distribution von Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), die dazu gemacht ist die Performance und Zuverlässigkeit im Gegensatz der Stock-Android von eurem Galaxy S zu erhöhen.

    The only rule of CyanogenMod: DON'T ASK FOR ETAs.


    Das erste mal Flashen von einer Samsung Stock ROM

    1. ROM rooten und ClockWorkMod Recovery installieren
    2. In den ClockWorkMod booten mittels 3-Tastenkombo
    3. Nandroid-Backup durchführen
    4. WIPE (factory reset + wipe /cache)
    5. ROM über "choose .zip from sdcard" installieren
    6. (optional) Google Apps installieren
    Von CyanogenMod 7 flashen

    1. Nandroid-Backup durchführen
    2. WIPE (factory reset + wipe /cache)
    3. ROM über "choose .zip from sdcard" installieren
    4. (optional) Google Apps installieren

    1. Nandroid-Backup durchführen
    2. ROM über "choose .zip from sdcard" installieren
    3. (optional) Google Apps installieren

    Bekannte fehler

    [TD="class: alt2"]
    • Known Issues
      • No hardware composition (but hardware acceleration works)
      • Video recording does not work.
      • Video playback is not hardware-accelerated.
      • The front camera produces distorted preview.
      • Photo taking does not work with the front camera.
      • Some camera options FC. (The camera is a temporary hack, when the Nexus S ICS source is released, there will be a proper fix.)
      • Movie Studio does not work.
      • FM Radio does not work.
      • Can select widget on launcher without being on the widget screen *
      • Phone unnecessarily gets data connection on device encryption password enter screen.
      • WiFi automatically turns on after quitting airplane mode if WiFi was used during airplane mode.
      • Data Roaming is enabled by default
      • Cannot format external SD *
      Fixed Issues

      BUILD 9
      • WPA Wifi Tethering broken (regression in BUILD 8)
      • Audio recording by android app crashes (phone calls still work) (regression in BUILD 8)
      • Phone crashes in landscape with T9 enabled
      • Reboot to recovery by default even though recovery not selected.
      • Slow T9 speed
      • CPU rarely scaling up to 1000 MHz
      • GMail sometimes fills up /datadata with attachments
      BUILD 8
      • USB Tethering on Windows requires the user go to to driver update and manually select the RNDIS driver.
      • Sketchy wifi tether (breaks if data connection comes up while tether is active) (it will still error, but you can now re-enable it)
      • Mounting external SD via USB broke in BUILD 7
      • Cannot accept many file types via bluetooth
      • Data activity icon sometimes gets stuck even data is off.
      • New feature: T9 Dialing by devatwork (Enable in Dialer Setting)
      BUILD 7
      • Cannot encrypt phone after restoring data.
      • Wi-Fi problems for Iran users
      • Market download temporarily goes to /datadata
      • Support for TV Out (in Galaxy S Setting application)
      • Screen appearing for a split second after screen off animation
      BUILD 6
      • Persistent "Removed SD card" message on external sd card removal.
      • Missing library for Android Open Accessory
      • Support for USB Mass Storage (see FAQ)
      BUILD 5
      • VPN does not work
      • Regression in device encryption
      BUILD 4
      • Large photos cannot be edited.
      • Missing Live Wallpapers
      • Bluetooth Reverse Tether does not work
      • Wi-Fi Direct not supported (it's supported in settings now, but apps are needed to use it as ICS does not come with any use-case for Wi-Fi direct)
      • Sometimes wifi strength won't show after boot if wifi is enabled. Toggle once to fix. (fixed, hopefully)
      GApps v5.1
      • GApps: Missing TTS libs
      GApps v5
      • GApps: Missing Picasa Sync
      • GApps: Unable to purchase apps
      Build 3
      • Device encryption does not work. (Note: temporarily broken again in BUILD 4, works on BUILD 5)
      • User does not have write permission for external sd
      • A2DP bluetooth headsets do not work.
      GApps v4
      • GApps: More missing libs for GoogleTTS
      Build 2
      • Superuser.apk does not open.
      • Installer does not work on Samsung ROMs.
      • Factory reset (from settings menu) does not clear /datadata.
      GApps v2
      • GApps: Missing voice chat, maps, text-to-speech libraries
      • GApps: Android Keyboard appears twice in Settings.

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