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    QuickPlan Pro

    Kompatibel mit iPad. Erfordert iOS 6.0 oder neuer.


    Do you need to create plans frequently? as to:
    - manage multiple projects
    - plan tasks for team
    - initialize proposal to customers
    - discuss and present plan
    - report multiple project
    - catch your ideas into plan
    QuickPlan provides intuitive and discoverable plan maintenance and collaboration experience on iPad efficiently
    (iOS6.0+ and iPad2+ are needed).

    QuickPlan is an innovative project plan app for iPad, which helps to visualize and maintain projects with Gantt chart. You can achieve very high planning productivity via intuitive gestures and well designed modern UI, to easily create multiple projects, lay out tasks on timeline, maintain task properties and operation on a clean interface. QuickPlan is able to share projects as image, Microsoft project plan and Microsoft excel files via Email, Box cloud, Facebook, iTunes and Photo album; also you can import projects created by QuickPlan and Microsoft project via Box cloud, iTunes and Email.

    1. Fast task maintenance by gestures:
    Gestures to update time, sequence, link, properties, outline level of tasks ; start time of project ;
    Gestures for quick operation: zoom timeline, centralize task, centralize today, select / unselect task, scroll tasks, collapse / expand task group

    2. Easy project task management
    Multiple projects, with project groups, plan tile cover image and color support
    Project duplication (act as project template)
    Child project - create child projects and sync with parent project
    Gantt Chart with UI customization options
    Batch task inputing - input / paste multiple lines of task name
    Multiple task outline levels, organize tasks within groups with group collapse/expand support
    Project contacts
    Project calenda (working / nonworking day)
    Task link - "Finish to Start" been supported for non-group tasks
    Task milestone
    Task properties: Task no, name, notes, duration, % complete, work , physical % complete, contact, status icon
    Task copy / paste ; Save task to iPad calendar

    3. Stong project collaboration - Sync projects with team or on multiple iPads
    Multiple file types exporting - Export as image , Microsoft Project plan, Microsoft Excel files
    Multiple file sharing channel - Share via Email, Box cloud , Facebook, iTunes, Photo album
    Import project from xml files created by QuickPlan and Microsoft Project
    Import (and batch import) via Email (Open in menu), Box cloud, iTunes

    You can use QuickPlan for iPad:
    - To easily and quickly create a high level project plan (timeline) for project proposal, to discuss , present and share to customer and team, to export to Microsoft Project for detail schedule after proposal finalized.
    - For business strategic plan
    - To record and plan new ideas at spare time
    - To schedule action decisions ; to discuss tasks and schedule, then to share it.
    - To track small project progress.
    - To summarize the high level plan of complicated large project using QuickPlan, for reporting and presentation.
    - To invite your friends for something, do a quick plan and share it.
    - To create and update a plan with with your boss, customer, team, vendors ... together
    - And more...
    QuickPlan is to make planning easy and quick and is designed for communication and collaboration, for the work of project management, task and action assignment, proposal and ideas; also for the life to be organized well.


    Version: 2.1
    Größe: 26.1 MB

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