PS3 Firmware "Master Key" Leaked

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  1. carhatt

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    24. März 2009
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    As rumours come, this one is pretty extreme, it appears, according to that someone has leaked the keys for the PS3 Firmware and given them to the PS Jailbreak team, here is what the Dukio says:

    Apparently, someone who had access to the certain keys for the PS3 firmware is in contact with PS Jailbreak team. When i meant someone, it has the possibilities of someone who have worked for Sony or had left the company for several obvious reasons. Well, if that someone has an access to the master key, then the PS Jailbreak team is really going to owned Sony this time. In fact, the Japanese corporation almost have no chance to fight back the PS3 Jailbreak scene. If you want to read more, here is my source which has been posted by Falcon80:

    The reason i believe the update is real is because of what has been told to me.
    No one knows who they are. If they had no more tricks up their sleeve why would they even bother hanging around?

    The rumors are that they do get someone either from Sony or that had left Sony that possibly had access to certain keys. If its the master key then Sony are f**ked. Thats probably why they are saying “firmwares” becuase the update will probably work on future firmware version past 3.5……fingers crossed yall!

    Bin mal gespannt ob da was dran ist
  2. Phantom

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    5. Juli 2007
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    AW: PS3 Firmware "Master Key" Leaked

    Na da bin ich auch mal gespannt. Denke aber das es ein Fake sein wird da es für mich unwahrscheinlich klingt, das ein Mitarbeiter oder gar ehemaliger Mitarbeiter den Masterkey raus gibt. Wenn das raus kommt, so kann der einpacken.

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