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Infos PKT E2 NEBULA v3 image For IPBOX 9000 HD

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ipbox 9000 hd" wurde erstellt von semico, 3. Oktober 2012.

  1. semico

    semico Freak

    17. November 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Ja, habe einen......
    Hier... und nicht da
    PKT E2 NEBULA v3 image For IPBOX 9000/910/900/91HD

    Added by sh4 Duckbox Team:

    - update pngquant version 1.1
    - [p191] clear all buffers on demux error
    - Fix SCART output for stx7111 chips
    - [E2] fix for largefile Support
    - [player2_191] reset TSM when tsm is in idle mode
    - update jfsutils version 1.1.15
    - update libungif version 4.1.4
    - [e2proc] adding more compatibility for 3dmode
    - [player_191] ufs910 fix ca recording bug (camrouting)
    - [e2proc] new entry hdmi/output allowing switchin output on off by proc
    - fix ffmpeg patch
    - add vfd scrolling to hs7810a
    - [autofs] update to version 4.1.4 supporting ghost mode
    - [stmfb_102] fix hdmi hotplug error
    - Add dual frontends for ADB_BOX
    - [palyer191] add pcm delay support
    - [HS7110] optimize st-merger
    - update busybox 1.20.2
    - update ffmpeg 0.11.1
    - [starci] rework module detection handling
    - [ufs9xx_cic] rework module detection handling
    - [cimax] rework module detection handling
    ---> Nv3 changes
    - fix spark7162 driver by DboxOldie
    - [libeplayer3] fix free memleak on flv streams (myvideo)
    - [tuxtxt] fix transparent mode
    - cleanup ci/ca dev creation handling
    - fix spark7162 SIG and SNR dvb-s or dvb-t by dboxoldie

    Added by PKT:

    [ALL] refresh channel list without restart GUI
    [ALL] add support oscam as card server
    [ALL] add startup to standby function in BP->System->Standby Tools
    [ALL] add new Infocenter screen
    [ALL] EPG recovery fix
    [ALL] NIM selection adjust for 3 positions
    [ALL] added support for mini VFD in progress
    [GM7162] mini VFD configuration data for startup
    [gm7162] main loop:
    clear vfd in deepstandby
    support vfd & led settings in standby
    fix extinguishing
    [ALL] fix lightUp
    [GM7162] added FP plugin settings support
    [ALL] Graph MultiEPG - added searching of picons on /hdd/picon
    [GM7162] set the turn off power led when starts from deep standby
    [ALL] KeyMapper extensions for red & yellow key
    [ALL] fix NES on startup when LNB not connected
    [ALL] fix preserve spaces in text of startup from standby mode
    [ALL] fix possibility of NES in startup of radio channel
    [GM7162] fix setting power led in TV mode
    [ALL] fix GS in instant record sometimes appears if TIMER conflicts
    [ALL] added subtitles support to Media Player - TXT files with time stamp & frame stamp.
    [ALL] MediaPlayer added SRT txt format , added txt speed regulation up/down key, and many more changes.
    [ALL] MediaPlayer: added in srt files detection uft8 format and other fixes
    [ALL] MediaPlayer:
    fix playlist playing
    fix FPS detection
    fix text delay
    added adjustment of text speed
    fix text startup synchro
    [ALL] AudioSelection screen fix - sometimes on 1st start of AudioSelection, the screen contained only empty lines.
    [E2] remove SimpleBitrate
    [ALL] added new skin PKT Red-HD
    [ALL] added EPG key support for MultiEPG
    [ALL] SD skin replace by PKT_BasicHD
    [ALL] set default skin to PKTRedHD
    [ALL] update WebInterface v1.7.1
    [GM7162] Volume /- key functionality fix
    [SF918G /SF1008SE ] fix time set in deep standby mode
    [GM7162] added 3rd tuner detection
    [ALL] force reboot for 7162 ( also 990 & ipboxes but not tested )
    [ALL] added paths list preserve for RecPaths
    [UFS910] remove SU2 fix
    [ALL] added oscam logs info in InfoCenter - required disabled authorization to http and access to local host
    [ALL] Add HDMI CEC on/off, default OFF, work only with SF1028/SF1008 /SF918 /UFS912
    [ADB] fix twin-tuner
    [UFS912] add support for mtd5 - now all flash space is using
    [ALL] fix missing lib for grab
    [ADB] Add BSKA fan support
    [ALL] fix TTX
    ---> Nv3 changes
    [ALL] fix for channels list picons located on external media like /hdd , /usb
    [ALL] SecondEvent in channel list speedup
    [9900] Boot Setup - fix exit key
    [gm7162] added REC support on VFD
    [ADB] add support STV090x tuner
    [GM7162] fix power led off after boot from deepstadby
    [ALL] fix GS if timezone not selected
    [ADB] fix cec
    [ALL] fix mount /hdd for recording
    [ADB] Add autodetect boxtype
    [ADB] Fix BXZB support
    [ALL] Info Center: added info for /movie folder if device is different then mounted to /hdd
    [ALL] fix utf8 characters in cifs
    [ADB] add BZZB support
    [ALL] Add converter *.pyc to *.pyo
    [GM7162] fix display "9" and " " on vfd
    [ALL] added manual time shift for deepstandby if not match - file: /var/config/time.corr
    [ALL] added Permanent TimeShift - default : disabled (BP->System) test mode
    [ADB] fix avs error
    [ADB] add support CA1 tda8004
    [ALL] YouTube players remover from BP menu
    [ALL] InfoCenter - Oscam logs in new windows
    [ALL] InfoCenter - added USB drive model information
    [ALL] new method for CAM starting
    [BP] added picons for 13E & Astra19E
    [ALL] EMU Manager 1.1.3: added switches: Map CA and autorestart CAM
    [ALL] improve stability

    Special THX to TDT

    FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

    IPBOX 9000

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 3. Oktober 2012

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