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    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Mit Pimp My Wii lassen sich fehlende und veraltete IOS-Dateien und Firmwares installieren. So ist es möglich mit einer älteren Firmware Features aus höheren Firmwares zu genießen, wie zB den Wii-Shop mittles Wii-Shop Update.

    Sowas ist zwar auch mit anderen Programmen möglich, aber dieses Programm soll sicherer ein. Das Programm wird in französischer Sprache, als auch in englischer Sprache dargestelt, abhängig von der voreingestellten Sprache des Wii-Menus.

    An dieser Homebrew sollten sich nur gut informierte User heranwagen, da sie tief in das System der Wii eingreift, trotz der Meinung, dass das Tool sicher sein soll. Verwendung auf eigene Gefahr.

    Download --> http://www.digital-eliteboard.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=10225



    Version 1.43
    - Add IOS 58 rev 6175, IOS 80 rev 6943 from 4.3 update. Warning: Those IOS have the "Trucha Bug Restaurer" bug fixed.
    - Update the Wii Shop to the revision 19.
    - Now also detect System Menu 4.3.
    - Update the hidden channel EULA to revision 3 (only in manual mode).
    - Warning: If you have a "virgin" 4.3, Pimp cannot do anything for you (because of the correction of the "Trucha Bug Restaurer" bug).

    Version 1.42

    - Fix the IOS 250 with IOS 57 as source which was freezing when doing IOS reload.

    Version 1.41

    - Fix a displayed message when detecting the Hermes' cIOS.
    - Add the fix from Wad Manager for the installation of trucha signed Wad with cIOS Hermes v5 and Waninkoko v19.
    - Now can install the cIOS 250 rev19 from Waninkoko with IOS 57 as source (with revision 65535), as "safety".
    - Update the cIOS Hermes to 5.1.
    - Now it can check the "real" version of the cIOS Hermes (latest = 5.1) and not just the revision of the cIOS (65535).
    - Fix a possible bug that may provented the cIOS from Hermes to be scanned.
    - Various fix / changes.

    Version 1.40
    - Now it also let you install the cIOS249 rev19 (base IOS 38) from Waninkoko and cIOS 202/222/223/224 (v5) from Hermes in Pimp my Wii.
    The cIOS are only proposed to install if Pimp detect that you don't have them at their latest version. To reinstall them, go to "Manual installation".
    Note: Do not add patchs to cIOS, because they already have those patchs inside.
    (Thanks Waninkoko for his help and Orwel and the whole of Wii Info for the tests).
    - Changed the text displayed when choosing offline mode.
    - At the end of the scan, a message is displayed to avoid the return to the menu without saying anything is no problems are found.
    - If the internet connexion give an error -116, Pimp asks you if you want to retry (the error -116 may be temporary and sometimes a couple of tries may solve the problem).
    - "Minimal installation" is now "Hack your Wii/Minimal installation" because it also install cIOSes.
    - Compiled with devkitPPC release 21, libogc 1.8.3.

    Version 1.32
    - Each load IOS appears. If that fails, he will be retried 10 times (possible correction of "Bad ios used").
    - Should fix some code dump when installing / downloading.
    - Change minor readme (version of wii shop).
    - Using devkitPPC r19, latest libogc, libfat 1.0.6, release devkitARM 27.
    - Fix detection of IOS used by the Homebrew Channel.
    - Display mode "safe mode" the IOS stub that does not use.

    Version 1.31
    - Upgrade to v18 of Wii Shop.
    - Try 10 times to load IOS if IOS_Reload failed.
    - Now display if full NAND access is possible on the IOS.
    - Display during a test if HBC will be upside down because of an modified IOS used.
    - Now during the network init, you must press A to initiate or B to be on offline mode.
    - Displays more errors during downgrade of IOS 15. Even with error -1017 with ES_AddTitleFinish, the downgrade may be successful..

    Version 1.3
    - New option in the menu "Downgrade IOS 15". You only choose the IOS to use to downgrade the IOS 15 that will restaure the trucha bug inside.
    - Now when you pass a simple test, there is no more initialisation of internet/sd/usb and do not propose the downgrading of IOS in certains cases.
    - When no useful IOS has been found, it now use IOS 36 instead, or 28, 33, 55, 30 or the IOS used by system menu if they are not found.
    - Added a "Infos" mode where it writes informations on SD card about installed titles.
    - If pimp my wii detects an outdated MIOS and if you have an non original MIOS (means a Custom MIOS), it will tell you that upgrading this will replace the cMIOS.
    - Displays navigation buttons.
    - Proposes the installation of EULA in manual installation.

    Version 1.11
    - Corrected the problem introduced in 1.1 that were saying that HBC and Wii Shop weren't installed.
    - Does not test IOS 30 anymore since it may cause problems on "recents" wii that refuse old IOSes.

    Version 1.1
    - Correcting a bug that made 3.3 and 3.4 Wii without any IOS containing Trucha Bug unable to downgrade IOS15.
    - Correcting a message about an outdated cIOS.
    - If Your IOS 249 is a stub (with a official 4.2 update), it will tell you that you don't have any cIOS.
    - Another check to verify that the loading of the "best" IOS has worked.
    - Adding the new title id of HBC to verify that it has been installed.
    - Added IOS 70 and the update of every other IOS.
    - Still install 4.1, NOT 4.2.
    - Updated the Wii Shop version to v17.
    - No more patch on IOS 61 to prevent problems with Wii Shop and to let Homebrew Channel use it (without upside down).
    - New stub verification based on size of IOS.
    - It now tell you which IOS are stub.
    - Internal improvement of the default choice for IOSes patches.
    - Let you navigate through the list of IOS with "minus" and "plus" (or Trigger L / R for GameCube pad).
    - Now detect if IOSes 30, 50 and 60 are stub (non usable) and install an older version (non stub, so usable) and replace the revision number inside. It may prevent brick if you install a lower System Menu without installing associated IOS (or if you downgrade your Wii then upgrade using a DVD of a game).
    - Now prevent installing System Menu 4.1 if your IOS 60 is a stub.
    - Downgrade of IOS 15 now works for Wii 4.2.
    - Added a description of each choice in the menu.
    - Added an "minimal installation" mode to just downgrade IOS 15 if necessary and patch IOS 36 to include the trucha bug inside.
    - Added an individual description on each IOS when asking for install.

    Version 1.01

    - There are less IOS tested, only those necessary for games and IOS 249 and 202 are tested (if present).
    - There won't be any reboot on bootmii installed as IOS anymore when testing IOS.
    - It shouldn't do code dump when testing IOS.
    - Adding the installation of other IOS, thoses considerated as "stub" (unusable), but necessary to prevent the asking of update when inserting new games. The homebrew will try to install older revision but usable and patch the revision number to the highest.
    - Corrected a bug that forced to downgrade the IOS 15 if you would not have a Custom IOS (or an IOS that can downgrade a revision).
    - Addition of a "safe mode" (press "minus" in the menu to activate). In this mode, the test of IOS is disabled, you must instead choose an IOS to use for the installation. In this mode, you won't be able to know if your installed IOS have the differents bugs, and the program won't be able to tell you if the IOS you have need to be patched.
    - Little reorganization to the list of titles to install.
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