Infos OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD (Elite, Ultra,Premium(+)), Release - 1 -

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    OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD Release - 1 -

    Enigma 2 of 14. november

    Kernel 3.5.5

    What is new:

    - Fixed khdmi issues on all models

    - Fixed i2c issues on all models

    - Fixed "tune" problems on Ultra and Premium+

    - Fixed blindscan in Premium+, Ultra, Me and MiniMe

    - SPDIF Enabled

    - Added AC3/DTS downmix Yes/No switch in A/V Settings (all models)

    - Fix and additions in AZPlay:

    Add scalling
    Add Audio lang. sel
    Add Subtitle lang. sel
    Add set volume/mute after switching
    Add right filter for extension
    extended window , now you can see more info (large names od files)
    Increase font size to max 90
    change way to show parameters in setup menu - now all is sorted
    STOP command now completly close player and jump to filelist
    Fix BUG - show prev. subtitle if you use more then one video
    Add : mts extension
    Add : ac3 extension
    Add change value from setup menu in real time
    Fix BUG - Green screan , when you doenst setup tuners
    Fix problem with changing parameters (fix in rmfp_player)
    Add - show infobar when play ts , mts, ac3 files - without time info/index

    What is comming next:

    - USB DVB-T Support (all models)

    - AzIPTV (Fully based on AZPlay, better compatibility with all kind of streams)

    - CI Support (OLD models)


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