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Infos Open AAF 2.0 Vu+ Ultimo

Dieses Thema im Forum "Images VU+ Ultimo" wurde erstellt von Amnesix, 3. August 2012.

  1. Amnesix

    Amnesix Elite Lord

    11. März 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    OpenAAF 2.0 based on the OE-Alliance build environment.

    We made all our sources public and created a new openAAF-git.

    This is the first OE 2.0 image.
    In the future there will be Nightly images.

    OpenAAF Image content:

    • HbbTVSkin (DMConcinnity HD Mod Skin)
    • HbbTVLite Skin (DMConcinnity HD Mod Skin)
    • OpenAAF Panel
    • Permanent timeshift
    • Media Player
    • OpenWebIf
    • keymap selection (standard, own, followed by neutrino)
    • HDMI CEC
    • DVD Player
    • Own Plugin Feed
    • Blue Panel

    • GUI opacity altered
    • Blind Scan
    • Swap Manager
    • PiconsAstra 19.2 and the German-language channels on Hotbird 13.0 (only ET9X00 and ET6X00)
    • fancontrol (is Boxabhängig)

    • Current Settings Astra 19.2 and Hotbird 13.0, 23 and 28 degrees
    • CooTGuide version 6.04 Special thanks to Coolman
    • EMC 3.0 Beta for OE 2.0 Special thanks goes to Coolman and Betonme
    • WLAN driver

    • Auto Timer
    • and much more ...

    AAF specials:

    • Skin and Skin Lite normally selectable in the menu (including 2nd infobar)
    • Web browser on the ET feed (Only for ET9X00 and ET6X00!)
    • Online update package with display
    • Own Feed (online updates)
    • Change the display settings (screen icons)
    • Install software fully integrated (full backup, secure settings, etc.)
    • Setting the *** assignment
    • and much more ..

    Standard color ****:

    Blue *** short: Blue Panel
    Blue *** length:
    Red *** short HbbTV provided on the transmitter, otherwise the panel OpenAAF
    Red *** long: When enabled, the panel Softcam
    Yellow *** short shift (default) / audio settings
    Yellow *** length:
    Green *** short option channels where available, or extensions
    Green *** length: aspect ratio (aspect ratio)


    goenenly gefällt das.

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