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Octagon HD SF 1018 HDTV - ALLIANCE 28.08.09

Dieses Thema im Forum "OCTAGON SF-908G, SF918, SF1008, SF1018, SF1028" wurde erstellt von 1380kay, 29. August 2009.

  1. 1380kay

    1380kay VIP

    3. Februar 2008
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    Octagon HD SF 1018 HDTV - ALLIANCE 28.08.09

    - Update: Based of V10744
    --> Pls. update firstly V01744 and after than V10745 ti your STB
    - Subtitle off as playback default
    - Subtitle crash and afterimage and not matching point of time : fixed
    - Possible to handle favorite group number
    - Add. Etc string FDU (Database)
    - Bugs fixed for playfilelist
    - Bugs fixed for screen saver
    - Not locking Tuner when timer running : fixed
    - Not locking immediately when exit Main menu during changing TP in
    scan menu : fixed
    - Copy LNB and Diseqc setting when copy service
    - Not working subtitle when subtitle off : fixed
    - STB dead by left/right when no timeshift buffer : fixed
    - PID changing problem when sound mode changes : fixed
    - Not working Alarm in standby mode : fixed
    - Fixed EPG - OK Key Toggle reservation rootine (clash inspection checking)
    - LED control in stanby mode + normal mode (power on) : fixed
    --> Menu - Configuration : Display setting und Output A/V setting
    - Fixed message when recording message in standby condition
    - Checking extra space for data transfer : fixed
    - Fixed not to do duplication Timer recording for same Service
    - Not matching Directory sink when FilePlayList start problem : fixed
    - STB dead by opening specified JPEG problem : fixed
    - Fast-Scan translation rename by Search-Mode (German OSD Language)
    --> for TVvlanderen, CanalDigital and Telesat

    IMPORTANT: Advice for Software and Setting Update

    Please save/copy Swoftware & Setting files in MAIN Directory from your USB Stick !

    Please make after SW update Factory Reset (System Recovery) !

    SmartCard Activate:
    Pls. Press Menü --> Utilities --> CAS --> OK Button --> Enter PIN 1018
    --> SmartCard ON/OFF

    Storage Setup`s (Save/Store to STB):
    Menu --> Installation --> System Recovery --> Press OK Button :
    --> System restore to stored Position (recover/restore Backup)
    --> Store System Data (Backup Store)

    Storage Setup`s to USB Stick/Storage:
    Menu --> System Tools --> Data Transfer --> Press OK Button:
    --> Transfer All System Data to USB Storage
    --> Transfer Service Data to USB Storage (Channel list)
    --> Data Download from USB Storage

    Sky Premiere Portal (Multifeed) - Taste --> Blue Button

    Master Password: 1018

    Connection STB to PC:
    - Connect STB with LAN Cable to PC
    - Menu --> Installation --> Netzwork Settings --> change DHCP off and ON
    --> Pls. wait until your IP nummer showing
    --> Workstation in PC --> In Address Bar \\ (flashx2) give \\IP number
    and Press ENTER
    --> You can see : Root (LINUX) & Storage (Speicher SATA HDD +
    USB1 + USB2) !
    --> Also can use Samba and FileZila Program !

    Date 28 August 2009


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