New RADAR CAM for QboxHD

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    One cam for all; in the emu panel activating RADAR CAM now you can read subscription card and in the same time you have also CCcam available.
    Read the read me for configuration(you have to edit for CCcam the file RADAR.cfg with the line C
    DVB BuStErS
    04 july 2009
    PrOudLY PrEsEnTs

    QBoxHD Emu Plug-In
    -=The Independence Day=-

    -^- RaDaR CaM 1.0 -^-
    MBox + NewCS

    What's RaDaR CAM?!?!
    RaDaR CAM now includes CCCam Client
    and NewCS for card reading coming next
    all the other sharing protocols like
    gbox, newcamd and radegast

    Usage: Uncompress RAR File
    Copy qbox_update folder in root of USB Stick
    Insert USB Stick in QBoxHD
    2 Turn OFF and Turn ON QBoxHD
    Wait for install and enjoy
    Blue Button to access the EMU Panel
    files can be located in
    var/etc/ or var/keys/ or var/bin/
    radar.cfg is the new file you have to edit
    C: string is for CCCam and N: string is for NewCS
    New releases coming soon!!

    zu finden hier --->>>

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