'mdPlug v1.8 @ 10-03-2011 (Release Version

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    News : v1.8 @ 10-03-2011 (Release Version)

    - Updating languages

    - Adding possiblity to read CCWs keys as 'F' entries like Mgcamd ! (compatibility issue)

    the only exception is while the ECM pids equals (1FFF or 1FFA) which remains as BISS.

    * In order to use them as CCWs you must check this option from Softcam dialog :

    " Use The 'F' keys as CCWs unless the ECM PID equals 1FFF or 1FFA (BISS) " (Default Enabled)

    ( if you disable this option, the keys will be read as BISS, CW, DCW and not as CCWs !)

    * mdplug still use his own CCWs softcam definition as the format : C SID INDX KEY

    - Now you can use the keys priority on mdplug "BISS, CW, DCW" if you wanna speed up

    the access to the locked channels with CCWs, but if no associated key of the current channel

    was found (either BISS, CW, DCW, CCW) then mdplug will try the Available ECMs.

    ( Note that, this option is not recommended because it always forces DCWs or CCWs keys

    while other ECMs can have fresh keys (and the main CCWs are down) and the channel remains locked!

    so it's up to you to choose the keys priority in main plugin dialog )

    Digital Eliteboard - Downloads - ndPlug v1.8 @ 10-03-2011 (Release Version)

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