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    Jelly Doodle

    Erfordernisse: Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    This isn't your grandma's gelatin dessert, and you won't get in trouble for poking, stretching, or bouncing it off the walls.

    Jelly Doodle lets you create your own gelatin desserts. You choose the shape and the colors. Add apples, bananas, pretzels, or any of the other add-ins. When you're done, de-mold your creation and bounce it around for a while. You can even adjust the gravity to affect the way it bounces. Send pictures to your friends or save them to your photo album. When you're done playing, don't forget to slurp it all up with the straw!


    * 80 Jelly Molds
    * 80 Doodads
    * Use any photo from your photo album as a background
    * Add photos to the Gelatin
    * Create your own Molds
    * Mix your own colors
    * Pinch or stretch your creation
    * Shake and tilt to bounce
    * Gelatin can be solid or layered with different colors
    * Adjustable gravity changes the way your creation bounces
    * Slurp up with the straw
    * Pump up until it explodes
    * E-mail or save pictures before or during slurping

    SUPPORT: For any technical issues, please visit

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    Version: 2.10
    Größe: 11.6 MB

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