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Produktivität iUnarchive - Archive and File Manager for Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Google Drive, Sugar

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple Apps" wurde erstellt von mariomoskau, 19. September 2013.

  1. mariomoskau

    mariomoskau Elite Lord Supporter

    26. Januar 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    iUnarchive - Archive and File Manager for Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, WebDAV and FTP

    Erfordernisse: Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    iUnarchive is a Cloud File and Archive manager.

    In Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), archives stored on iCloud (under My Documents) are also accessible from iUnarchive for the Mac and vice versa.

    Supported archives include zip, rar, 7-zip, tar, gzip, bz2/BZip2, LhA and StuffIt, including password support for zip, rar en 7-zip files. Parts of a multi part RAR archive have to be downloaded to My Files before opening.

    When in 'edit' mode, the following options are available in My Files:

    - Remove
    - Move (to another folder in My Files)
    - Rename (if one file is selected)
    - Create Archive (zip or 7z, optionally with password)
    - Email files
    - Save to gallery
    - Edit (text files)

    In My Files you can:

    - Import from gallery
    - Import music
    - Create Folder
    - Create File (create an empty file)

    iUnarchive is an extension to other Apps like Mail, Safari and iWork. Archives received or downloaded can be opened in iUnarchive with the 'Open in...' option. Files in the archive can be previewed and opened in other Apps or sent by email from within iUnarchive.

    If an archive contains another archive, you can click on the nested archive and iUnarchive will open the nested archive.

    File types that can be previewed in iUnarchive include JPG, PNG, GIF, XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, RTF and iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) files, but also a large number of text files and programming language source files which use syntax highlighting. Supported types include c, h, cpp, hpp, cs, html, css, js, java, php, py, rb, sql, xml, xsl and wsdl.

    Use case:
    You receive an email message with a password protected ZIP or RAR attachment containing a Word document. Clicking on the attachment in Mail shows an option to launch iUnarchive. Once launched, iUnarchive asks you for the password and shows a list of files. When you select the Word document, iUnarchive shows you a preview of the document and allows you to open the document in Pages on the iPad.

    Files can be uploaded and downloaded with the following Cloud services:
    * Dropbox (with cached Favorite Files and Folders)
    * Box (.net)
    * SugarSync
    * Microsoft SkyDrive
    * Amazon S3
    * Google Docs
    * Google Drive
    * Picasa
    * WebDAV
    * FTP (including SFTP and FTP over SSL)

    (Large) Attachments are directly accessible from within iUnarchive for the following Mail Services:
    * Mobile Me / iCloud mail
    * Gmail
    * Yahoo! (uses the Yahoo! API)
    * Hotmail / (POP3, so no folders)
    * IMAP
    * POP3

    Files can also be downloaded from the Web using a Mobile Safari user interface.


    Version: 5.2.9
    Größe: 15.6 MB
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