IncubusCamd v.0.85

Dieses Thema im Forum "CS Incubuscamd" wurde erstellt von samako, 18. Juni 2009.

  1. samako

    samako <img src="

    23. Mai 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    17/06/2009, V0.85
    - deleted old priority system for caid, now will be used firstly the prio and then a cycle selection
    - SID in hex value instead of dec one
    - fixed some bugs on caid ecm parsing
    - fixes for stability/less-crashes (crashes were made by the pmt handling, using pmt file wich the writes is slower than the channel change, 
    now should be fixed in almost all cases)
    - still open the 2.1.1 protocol support and previous version
    - fixed a bug on reading keys for the internal emulator, now also unsupported softcam.key files are skipped in the unknown fields 
    (read the softcam.key file to see how to build a new one)         

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