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    How to flash the DeltaCam inside a DD-CI

    by Bleeding

    If you own Digital Devices PC DVB hardware, it is possible to flash the DeltaCam without having to remove it from the DD-CI. All you have to do is keep the serial adapter inserted into the DeltaCam.
    The SmartCard may be inserted via the reader of the serial adapter, see attached image, and does not have to be removed when flashing the DeltaCam. The serial adapter also has to be connected to the USB port of the PC over which the DeltaCam will be flashed.

    Now just run the DeltaFlashLoader and chose the firmware or any other file to flash. To start flashing, the bootloader of the CAM has to be entered. This is done by power cycling the CAM. To do so, the DD device has to be deactivated and reactivated via the Windows device manager.
    Reloading the device/driver and therefore power cycling the CAM can also be done via devcon script which restarts a device based on the device string:

    devcon disable "*VEN_DD01&DEV_0003"
    devcon enable "*VEN_DD01&DEV_0003"

    (devcon is a Windows command-line tool, providing access to the Windows device manager via console, just google it.)

    After the DD driver has been reactivated/enabled again, the flashing inside the DeltaFlashLoader starts automatically. It is like pushing the trigger switch on the programmer's PCMCIA adapter (which has become obsolete now).

    After flashing has finished, the CAM has to be reset again. So again do the power cycling by either deactivating/reactivating the DD device via Windows device manager or executing the above script.

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