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    Software Update Wizard - Agreement

    Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data from our website.
    Using software updates you expressly acknowledge and agree that use of this Software is at your own risk.
    In no event Coolstream LTD shall be liable for any damages whatever.
    Contact for any questions about our software.

    V2.11 (07.12.2012) HD1, NEO, ZEE, Twin

    This release will upgrade your Kernel on first boot if not already done!!!
    Please dont power off your receiver bevore upgrade is done!
    • improve CI CAM support
    • fix EPG data loading from old images
    • fix subchannel up/down keybind
    • fix fast scan
    • fix media file play without audio
    • better CIFS mounts speed
    • add software update with apply the settings from current image
    • update links web browser version

    Coolstream Original-Image v2.11 - Datenbase - Digital Eliteboard

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