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City View 3D 2.0 not working on some devices

Dieses Thema im Forum "Navigon 7 Support" wurde erstellt von lepicane, 10. Juli 2011.

  1. lepicane

    lepicane Newbie

    27. Juni 2009
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    I am starting this thread more as a discussion than asking for a solution. Please feel free to continue in German as I can use a translator.

    It has been mentioned in other threads here that City View 3D 2.0. does not work on some devices ( Navigon 20 Plus is one of them). It does work briefly only when the PNA zooms into an intersection.

    I guess the first assumption is that this is how City View 3D 2.0 looks like (see attached screenshot) when it zooms into an intersection.

    If the answer to the above is yes, then it is obvious that City View 3D 2.0 can work with MN7.7.5 build 447. I guess the discussion point now is what is stopping it from working all of the time?

    At first I thought it was a setting somewhere, but when I compared the settings files in my version of the software and MN7.6.2 build 1155 (40 Plus with working City View 3D 2.0) I couldn't see any obvious differences. Mind you I used the same keys and files (map, nfs, GTA...) on both devices.

    My guess is it has to do with the zoom aspect when looking at a 3D map. Changing this in the GUI does not fix the issue so I guess it is something in the settings files themselves that needs to be tweaked.

    I invite any suggestions as to why it doesn't work all the time and what could be changed in the settings files to make it work. Happy to test and feed back....

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  2. Boss71

    Boss71 Moderator Digital Eliteboard Team

    30. Mai 2009
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    AW: City View 3D 2.0 not working on some devices

    Hab dein Anhang etwas bearbeitet.
    Das auf dem Bild ist City View 3D 2.0.
    Wieso es auf dem Kleinen Navi nicht dauerhaft läuft weiß ich leider nicht.

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