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    To be able to easily determine if the installed card OFRM Geotrade in your device is updated, changed version numbering and hence instead of serial numbers, versions will be designated by year and quarter, in line with already established international practice, the four annual quarters will be denoted by Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. In this respect the new version of the map OFRM Geotrade, designed for the third quarter of this year numbered as 2012 Q4.


    Updated travel information

    With the advent of autumn, it's time to update and card OFRM Geotrade. The new release Q4 2012 is now available for download from our website for all customers with an active subscription to updates. As always, we want to express our special thanks to all the customers and friends who have sent us information about detected errors in the previous version, actively helping refine the map!

    Updates on the national road network

    In Q4 2012 version added new section of highway "Trakia" from Yambol to Zimnitsa new roundabout at junction 'Petolachkata' and other newly junctions and circular movements on the national road network, map coverage is increased over 1900 km roads. Increased priority is routing the road through Rishki Pass after its reconstruction.

    Advances in capital

    The new version reflects changes made so far in the organization to move in with the new subway beam. Added new overpass between Avenue and Boulevard Lyapchev Andrei Andrei Sakharov, and changes in the Independence Square.

    Extended coverage in urban areas

    Street names were added in 7 settlements and blocks new neighborhoods are reflected in 3 more cities. In Q4 2012 version has new 3D buildings in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Vidin, and over 1,200 new sites of public interest.

    For off-road enthusiasts and Tourism

    Offroad adventure lovers will rejoice with new categorized 160 km off-road sections. Tourists have prepared an update of some of the mountain huts. Refined and stakes marking is part of Stara Planina (thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Stephen Rumanetsov). For greater convenience, sources in the mountains can be seen when looking at the map.

    full map with 3d

    OFRM Geotrade CITY CYR.rar
    OFRM Geotrade CITY LAT.rar
    OFRM Geotrade CITY ML.rar
    OFRM Geotrade TOPO CYR.rar
    OFRM Geotrade TOPO LAT.rar
    OFRM Geotrade TOPO LT CYR.rar
    OFRM Geotrade TOPO LT LAT.rar
    OFRM Geotrade TOPO ML.rar

    CITY/TOPO-CYR/LAT one file

    CITI CYR.rar
    CITY LAT.rar
    TOPO CYR.rar
    TOPO LAT.rar

    TOPO CYR/LAT for Mapsource
    home made

    TOPO CYR MS.rar
    TOPO LAT MS.rar
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