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    AZBox Key Tool

    Editor Create Key.bin files for Multicas
    Import/Export SoftCam.Key files
    Import/patch emu_module's
    Copy & Paste support in the editor.

    Plain text editor with auto formatting, it can be simply used for SoftCam.Key files if you want to.

    Get it here [AZKeyTool]

    Not for illegal use, and contains nothing illegal. Program does not contain keys, its simply an editor. Program is freeware, no warranty or support.

    Works on XP and Vista


    * First release
    * Fixed some errors it encounted with some softcam.key files
    - Still not sure it will catch every eventuallity.
    * Fixed file dialog cancel errors.
    * Fixed program termination, now leaves task manager on exit.
    * Added Tool - Discover emu_module settings.
    - this discovers emu_module internals and writes a small settings file
    - to "<program>"\discover directory so that when you try and patch or import
    - this emu_module in the future, the tool can do it automatically.
    - so far its creating a unique ID for each module but this might not last.
    - if it errors in the future, deleting old discovery files and starting again
    - should fix the problem.


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