HowTo Automated CCcam 2.3.0 Install Package For Debian 6

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    Automated CCcam 2.3.0 Install Package For Debian 6

    This will install CCcam 2.3.0 on any machine running Debian 6, The script is based on CC_Shares Debian5 Install package for earlier CCcam versions, the reqired libs to run later versions of CCcam are dowloaded & installed automatically.

    First download the Debian 32 net install package ( This version is not available in 64)

    Get It Here

    You now have the choice of burning it to a cd or using

    Universal USB Installer

    Use Whichever you prefer

    Continue to install Debian to your machine it is up to yourself if you want a graphical interface but the only option that is required is Webserver, the script will install everything else you need when you run it later.

    Debian now Installed, Let's install CCcam

    1. Log into your server as root user by opening the terminal & typing

    Then enter the root password you chose during Debian install

    Now enter the following commands one at a time pressing enter after each

    wget Den Anhang 47712 betrachten

    chmod 755 cds85qc



    The script will now do its work, it then requires user input for 4 questions

    Q. IP Address of youserver?
    Choose a static ip for your server e.g

    Q. Subnet Mask?

    Q. Gateway?
    Here enter your routers ip address

    Q. Dns servers ip?
    Again here enter your routers ip address

    The install will now complete, all you need to do is ftp your CCcam.cfg file to /var/ect/ then reboot


    If you do not have one already you will find one here

    CCcam.cfg file for newbies

    If you are new to using a pc server read this

    For Beginners - How To Add Lines To Linux Server Using CS Studio

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