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    - PVR trick/record length bug
    - Fast scan bugs
    - crash problem When schedule recording
    - Nova HD EPG fixed
    - crash problem after press EPG button in Bulgarian menu

    Changed/improved :
    - add DVB and TTX subtitle support
    - Change Date format(dd.mm.yyyy)
    - add support for DreCam - You need installed "addon_DreCam_support...."
    - improved LAN connection speed (now is speedy)
    - for 9000HD : add post descramble option with CAM´s
    You can record scrambled channel and descramble before playback:
    Go to record files list, select scrambled record, press Record button, select CAM with card
    for descramble and press OK. STB create new descrambled file.
    - support youth protectioon
    - support nfs mount recording
    . remove access to /media/
    . mount remote directory to /media
    . mount -o nolock,soft IP: DIRECTORY /media/
    - display video resolution in info banner
    - upgrade Finnish, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech and Slovak languages
    - Support HDMI with compressed Dolby digital audio
    - Add Front scroll function when channel name is long.
    - When schedule recording, remove timeshift buffer.
    - new AB setting for Astra 19.2, HotBird 13 and Astra 23.5
    - installed plugins: mail, weather, bitrate , tetris, pong, sudoku, favpip


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