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    AAF Enigma2 Summer V2a Image VU+ Duo

    based on org. V6.0

    For those who want to play with the new version 6.0 of VU+.
    You need the new bootloader for this DUO image !!!

    DUO Boot loader update: duo_cfe_3_0_usb.zip

    HOWTO UPDATE DUO CFE (bootloader)

    ** Brief explanation of DUO's bootloader update **

    1. Unzip the duo_cfe_3_0_usb.zip to USB stick.(There should be /vuplus/duo/cfe_cfe_auto.bin)
    2. Insert USB stick into the USB port of duo and power on the box.
    3. It takes just a few secs to update.
    4. If Duo displays the message "Finished..reboot", remove the USB stick and restart box.
    5. To update 6.0 image, you should delete the cfe_cfe_auto.bin at /vuplus/duo in USB stick once bootloader update is finished.

    AAF Enigma2 Summer V2a Image VU+ Duo:

    Den Anhang 45282 betrachten

    THX kasimi

    Ver 6.0 Release note

    Open Embedded

    - Add WebBrowser plugin(Duo/Uno, Duo needs a bootloader update)
    - Add UI postion control plugin
    - Add 3D framebuffer control plugin
    - Add remote control system code control plugin

    Driver Update

    - improve DVB-C/T tuning(uno)
    - Fix incorrect display of DVB-C/T SNR/AGC(uno)
    - Fix high-bitrate problem in CI(uno, needs a FPGA update, New Rev 4.2 FPGA image is at Archive of Vu+)
    - Support 3D framebuffer
    - Add interface for UI position setup
    - Add redundant fpga device at /dev (uno)
    - Add ioctl for hdmi_cec(get physical/logical addr.)
    - Fix audo mute in pass-through(uno)
    - Add interface to set the system code of the remote control(uno)
    - Add interface to disable REC VFD icon(uno,duo)
    - Add interface to control global alpha


    + AAF-Panel
    + Volume Adjust with AC3 support
    + BlueKey Action (Default/Softcam/single EPG/multi EPG/graphic EPG/MyTube Player/AAF-Panel/other extension)
    + RedKey Action (Default/AAF-Panel)
    + GreenKey Action (open Plugin Browser when no subchannels)
    + Grab (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
    + default skin DMConcinnity-HD (credits to Mister-X)
    + light_3D skin
    + NoGfx skin
    + Addon-Manager V2.20
    + FanControl
    + WirelessLan
    + Upnp
    + Usb-Serial drivers (smargo and others)
    + Backup/Restore Image (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
    + webremote VU+ picture
    + Rytec EPG (update rytec.sources.xml to 05/11/2011)
    + Setup Infobar (autohide/epg/servicelist/secondinfobar)
    + YellowKey Action (Audio Selection/Default(Timeshift))
    + Graphicle AAF-Panel
    + CrossEPG V0.62
    + EasyMedia by Vali
    + Enabled MHW EPG
    + OpenVPN
    + AudioSync V1.2
    + Cool TV Guide V5.0.0 by Coolman
    + SundtekControlCenter
    + Updated Wlan support
    + Enhanced Movie Center 2.0.2 by Coolman & Swiss-MAD

    Euer AAF Team

    THX Black_64 und alle Betatester

    ***Download - USB - ***
    ***Download - nfi - ***
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