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Talk A Revolutionary iPhone Camera Enhancement

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple News und Gerüchte" wurde erstellt von darius1, 19. März 2012.

  1. darius1

    darius1 MFC Digital Eliteboard Team

    2. Juli 2009
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    [h=3]About this project[/h][h=1]Presenting The iFilm, A revolutionary iPhone Camera Enhancement[/h] Problem: Traditional tripods are bulky and hard to use. You have to connect the iPhone onto an attachment, then screw that attachment onto the tripod. Bringing your tripod means carrying around an obscure object, but forgetting it means sacrificing those times when you really wish you had brought it.
    Solution: So I invented something compact and functional. The iFilm. It will revolutionize the way you use your iPhone camera. Unlike tripods, the iFilm is compact and less expensive than traditional mounts.
    Pitch: Imagine if you could turn any surface into your own tripod mount. Enter the iFilm. This device attaches to your iPhone and allows you record high quality video and stunning pictures, in a way never seen before.
    [h=1]How it Works[/h]The iFilm has three different settings. A setting for use on a flat surface, one for hanging off the edge of that surface, and one on its side. These dynamic settings allow you to change the direction of the camera seamlessly getting everything you want in your shot, and none of what you don't.
    The best part: The video taken is completely stable and uses the simple physics of reflection.
    [h=1]Imagine the uses[/h]Take a timed photo from a far, without any assistance.
    Record a time lapse video with perfect stability.
    Add a dashboard camera to your car.
    Record lectures in a classroom.
    Prank your friends with your secret camera in tow.
    Record, share your sweet dance moves (and keep the bad moves to yourself).
    and more.
    Thanks for your time


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