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Winclip 3.0.0

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13. Juni 2008
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Winclip Version 3.0.0

In all mails received since 2 years now, the PiP windows request come back all the time. So...

- PiP(s) version
- function filter on channel list
- possibility to select the port number for streaming (in case of winclip server)

- fix little display bug with status bar
- fix video resize when hide player with skin "media"
- fix analyse pid 18 (epg) on astra
- fix crash in a special case when ask EPG pannel.

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How it works :

first of all, before play with it, go to the setting menu->audio/video->PiP direct show page and select codec and VMR.
And - off course - only channels on a same transponder can be "piped".

You can add a PiP by
- Click on the PiP button. In this case a PiP will be created and the channel will be the first channel found on the transpondeur
- Click under the PiP button for get the popup menu and select your channel
- Click right on the channel list on a channel from the same transponder and you will find a "Add to new PiP"

If you click Right on the PiP windows, you will get this popup menu for change the channel, start record,...:

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i you diseable the "attached to the video Wnd" option, you can place the wnd where you want

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If you want to add some pluggins to the PiP process, same punition like other dvb application, copy plugins in each directory :
[plugins directory]\Pips\Pi1\...Pip2\.. 5 pips directories are created with the installation, but you can add more, there is no limitation (except your CPU)

- For increase, decrease the windows size , click right mouse + wheel
- Double click on a PiP wnd, will put it in the main video windows.

And don't forget that all this work under directShow, so easy to crash, deadlock.... 4 beta-tester test this 3.0.0. 3 have no problem, and 1 get the application frozen sometime when he double click on a PiP Wnd for put in the main screen : - ( i'm still looking why.
You can PiP too some H.264 channel, but try only this if you have a nice CPU and a good video card...
You can PiP too several time the same channel. Totaly useless, except that before created a new PiP, you can change the Video codec and VMR (in menu setting), and make some comparison like this.

thx biloute2121

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13. Juni 2008
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AW: Winclip 3.0.0

Deutsch_0.5_für_winclip >> 3.0.0

---> alle neuen Funktionen übersetzt + PiP (Bild in Bild) - feature

deutsche Sprachdatei für Winclip ab neuster ver. 3.0.0 + Ältere

diese Datei kommt in den Ordner: [Langue] eurer Winclip-Installation
und wird im Einstellungsmenü ausgewählt.

Diese Datei ist angepasst an die neuste winclip-version.
sollte aber auch mit älteren WinClip - Versionen funktionieren.


new version:


is a new lang. file for german users.

I say thank you ... biloute2121

I`ve translated all possible...
and new entries.

new PiP-function works very great.

---> translated all new entries and the PiP-window settings and menu`s

vielen Dank an feixen für seine super Arbeit:41: