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Winclip 2.9.9

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13. Juni 2008
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- Add DVB-C (under BDA). Big thanks to md for push me to integrat it and for all tests he did !
You can find a sample - provide by him - of ini file definition for the cable in \WinClip\transponders\4000.ini
Tested with a technotrend dvb-c 1500
- Option directory record (setting -> option)
- possibility to select the directory plugin -> press and keep SHIFT on keyboard and start winclip
- Shorcut in channel list to favori/list of sat
- Remove Class CPannelChannelList (take time to initialize, take memory, and...useless....)
- Spash windows on start
- resize channel list in X is not possible (put it in mini list for do it with the skin Media)
- Sort channel list by transponder (search function in this mood -> search a transponder)
- new scan transponder available from the channel list.
- delete useless option in popup menu
- installation of WinClip is now possible anywhere
- use info "S2" from transponder ini file
- add haali renderer. Request and (good) idea from Md. But seems problem when video card support mpg4 hardware and seems not run under Vista. (Run ok with core avc)
- add diseqc with Neotion. (tested with skypilot, NB1000S double head and NB3000 4 Ports)
in WinClip configuration setting :

  • DISEQC SIMPLE A -> ToneBurst LNB A
  • DISEQC SIMPLE B -> ToneBurst LNB B
  • DISEQC LEVEL 1AA -> DiseqC 1.x LNB A
  • DISEQC LEVEL 1BA -> DiseqC 1.x LNB B
  • DISEQC LEVEL 1AA -> DiseqC 1.x LNB C
  • DISEQC LEVEL 1BB -> DiseqC 1.x LNB D
- Add status bar :

  • channel name -> click on = channel properties
  • Video detail
  • Ratio video -> click on = change to manuel 4/3 or 16/9 or auto detection
  • Audio detail
  • Pid audio switch -> click on = change audio pid
  • Signal quality - strenght / CPU -> click on = change to quality or CPU or strenght signal
  • Egp info -> move mouse on the channel list and will see the current program epg (title)

- fix AC3 tag detection on german channels
- fix some little things in the channels list
- fix epg info when sid are egal on different sat
- fix HD 16/9 and 4/3 detection
- fix task bar appears sometime in full screen
- fix crash when close one filter property

- Add chinese translation. Thanks too "Skyworth Aree"

More details :

- Shorcut in channel list to favori/list of sat

For play with it , select in the channel list menu, the "favori/sat shortcut def"

- Possibility to select the directory plugin
if you use differents configurations plugins, you can select the running directory. For this, press SHIFT and keep it pressed and start WinClip.

- installation of WinClip is now possible anywhere
if you want to update WinClip, you need to select the previous directory. Or you can copy the files channelList.bin and config.ini in the new directory.
I saw one case of trouble when copy old channel list in this new version. But can't reproduce it for fix it. So in this case, you will need to create a new configuration (and new scan). Sorry about that.



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13. Juni 2008
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AW: Winclip 2.9.9


neue Version:


---> nun sind auch alle Informationsfenster und der Rest vollständig übersetzt
---> Danke "niesen" für einige Inspirationen

deutsche Sprachdatei für Winclip ab neuster ver. 2.9.9 + Ältere

diese Datei kommt in den Ordner: [Langue] eurer Winclip-Installation
und wird im Einstellungsmenü ausgewählt.

Diese Datei ist angepasst an die neuste winclip-version.
sollte aber auch mit älteren WinClip - Versionen funktionieren.

vielen Dank an feixen

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