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Problem Uppgraded 7210 to 7310, Bluetooth/Countrylist not working

Dieses Thema im Forum "Navigon 7 Support" wurde erstellt von HisretDemir, 30. Januar 2013.

  1. HisretDemir

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    7. März 2011
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    I have searched for the upgrade files from 7210 to 7310 but cant find anything.
    I found a lot of links but all are old and dead links.
    I have searched in Digital-Eliteboard, google and so on without luck.
    Can somebody please give me a working link for the SD-ready files for 7210 to upgrade to 7310 :)

    I have now got it worked out, but there is stil a problem.
    The internal memory of my navigon 7210 is dead and not working, therefor i have a microSD card with maps and MN software.
    The MN i use is 7.7.5 Build 447 platform PL20_UPG
    And it seems to be working but Bluetooth doesnt work.
    When i press the telephone button, notthing happens :/
    Any tips on what i can do?
    And why is the plattform PL20 and not Navigon 7310 ? :)

    I have after many hours of searching found an software that works on my 7310.
    And thats MN 7.7.5 Build 447 platform PL20_UPG

    And it gets sattelit connection and i can se city3D, very nice,.

    BUT bluetooth is not working,
    And second problem is that i cannot use the gps becouse when i want to write in an adress, i have to first choose country, then city, then adress.
    But already in country list, there is no country in the list:/ its empty, so i cannot go anywhere with this gps now.

    IN the settings it says that i have 2012 Q4 and when i "open" map i can se my home adress and 3D builings but if i want to go somewhere else, that doesnt work becouse first option to choise is country and that list is empty.
    Can please somebody help med, please :(

    Problem solved regarding country list, i got countryprofile.nfs and now it works fine.
    But bluetooth problem stil i have :(
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