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Infos Update V1.25.1.165

Dieses Thema im Forum "Smart VX/CX10" wurde erstellt von willlinkshaben, 10. Oktober 2011.

  1. willlinkshaben

    willlinkshaben Newbie

    4. Oktober 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    From V1_18_1_123 to V1_25_1_165

    New features

    - USB hotplug support: The new version allows insertion of keyboard and mouse dynamically, without any need of restarting the box.
    - Smart Card update every day. Once the update is performed, the next verification will happen after 23 hours.
    - HDD power management: it is now possible to switch off USB power, when going into standby, even when some events are scheduled. When such configuration happens, the box will wake-up 1 minute before into light standby, HDD will be powered and recording will be executed one minute after.
    -- Warning: This feature is not fully stable, if any problems occur with recordings, it should be disabled.
    - HD-DVB subtitles are now supported, eg on Das Erste HD.

    - EPG by page is now enabled by default. This causes the navigation in the 7 day EPG grid to be more fluid.
    - Navigation arrows were added on the main widget ( including highlight to indicate whether left\right navigation acts of navigation of panel). This feature has been added, in order to bring clarity to the user that there is possibility to navigate left\right from the main info banner.
    - A virtual keyboard was added inside the GUI, making the typing of Wireless keys, and eventually URLs and channel list, more user-friendly. The virtual keyboard also contains on the 2 last lines some specific characters for European languages ( German, French, Turkish, Dutch etc…). The virtual keyboard can be shown by using the blue key ( generally marked in the help bar), or by using up\down keys.
    - A wider range of aspect ratio is now supported for multimedia : wide screen 2.21, square. The aspect ratio conversion remains limited to 4:3 and 16:9.
    - Pop-ups in quick view mode: the position was changed, this is done in order to occupy the optimal position, and avoid as much as possible some overlaps. This modification has the effect of bringing the password pop-up on top of the screen in factory reset section.
    - An alternative skin was added with solid color. It is also possible to change the transparency for the background ( 90% or 80%), bringing a slight overlay on video.
    - WiFi password for WEP. The box is now supporting ASCII given passwords and HEX for WEP keys, depending of the length. This should increase the chances to connect successfully. Some routers request the password in ASCII 5 or ASCII13, and with previous software, the ASCII to HEX conversion was required.

    - External SRT subtitles can be decoded, if the name of the SRT file is matching the media file.

    - Document links on browser are now forwarded to google documents for proper display ( PDF, DOC, DOCX etc…)
    - An OOM killer is now implemented in the browser ( Out Of Memory). If the browser is reaching critical memory, the browser will shut down automatically, before the software dies for “no more memory”, with impossibility to recover.
    - Browser shut down when pop-up arrives. When a pop-up is about to be shown (software update, start of record, tune), the browser is shut down in order to notify about the major change, and the pop-up is shown.

    - Introducing the new portal V4 for all Volksbox receivers.
    - Security border was enabled in order to limit the execution of code to Inverto portal.
    - Spatial navigation in browser. It is possible to make spatial navigation in browser, when numeric keys are not used ( 2-4-6-8 act as navigation, and 5 acts as Ok).
    - Spatial navigation when on caption was improved. This concerns mainly the issue with the drop down box from google, where it is possible to select a suggestion, while typing. Back key when field is empty will execute back page, and delete when field is not empty, up\down will execute beginning of field , up, end of field \ down to keep some consistency.
    - Menu bar \ exit bar written in native code were removed. It is now executing a offline application in replacement.
    - The way the Web Pages are loaded was modified. Now the box is trying to load as fast as possible, and displays after. This gives the feeling that the loading time is improved. In the past the box would have a natural bottle neck at around 1.8Mbits/sec. It was notified by many users that the box would go the same speed whether the line is 2 Mbits/sec or 20Mbits/sec.
    - The zoom-in zoom-out was modified on google map, this improved the usage on Google Maps.
    - The handling of USB mouse motion was modified. We could reach situations where the browser was blocked for long time, due to a starvation of mouse events.
    - Zoom and mouse mode are cancelled when attempting to exit. This allows resetting easily the zoom, and operation of mouse, and return to CE HTML navigation by default.
    - Back tab in browser was added for USB keyboard, and remote control.
    - Numeric pad of alphanumeric keyboard is now acting like numeric keys on alpha side and remote control. The numbers have a different code number and would be differentiated on CE HTML application, but the key codes are artificially mapped to same code number, so it works transparently for user.

    - Menu with sub menus are now showing a bullet.
    - Predefined channel list was updated, transponder list as well.
    - Scrollbars in editors were modified.
    - Time position was not necessarily the same between each panel.
    - Status in List Editor: the sorting is now shown in list editor, so it is a bit more clear to the user why the channels do not appear necessarily in their order , if sorting is set.
    - When Info banner is shown, now the keys are all acting like in idle. In the past the user might have to hide the banner to open guide, favorite or whatever. Now he does not need to press “escape”
    - Left\right Arrows were missing on info banner of playback : it was making non obvious how to access the “audio tracks, or subtiles”
    - Channel list icon: the channel list created by automated system have now a dedicated icon, which reminds that the user is currently using a list created with a channel list management system.

    Bug fixing

    - AV sync stops working after some time on multimedia ( due to decoding errors ). This is one of the main issues reported in version 1.123.
    - A dead lock was found in the zapping. The box could stall right after zapping. This issue has been reported in version 1.123.
    - Box could block on start-up when there is no signal.
    - A direct source of crash was fixed in the browser ( found on Du mußt dich Registrieren um diesen Link sehen zu können. Hier klicken und kostenlos Registrieren )
    - Channel list editor: it was possible to crash ( complete loss of focus, without being able to recover). Add one channel into a fav list, remove it, go left -> game over.
    - The GUI could hang, when in personal planner, and an event starts.
    - Browser crash: the browser could crash when opening a URL with empty content.
    - Playing Video from Arte was leading frequently to a crash.
    - Smart Card expiration messages were not displayed, in one condition ( no more rights + expired).
    - Repeated HbbTV auto-start might lead to mis-synchronized GUI. Would need to restart the box.
    - When exiting the browser (after having downloaded huge content), and returning immediately to Das Erste in HbbTV autostart, the browser would hang almost every time (memory starvation).

    Minor fixes:
    - Yellow button in the main lobby, was not inhibited, it was calling the widget portal.
    - Record key, when “watch one program, record another one”. Actually, record key had no function when not tuned to the program being recorded.
    - Enabling of the recording protection was killing the current recording.
    - A regression from version 1.123 : when pressing OK in the teletext, the navigation was blocked.
    - On Das Erste, Hbbtv autostart : pressing help key could start the browser in parallel on HbbTV and help application.
    - Layout on Mediathek was wrong from time to time. Tolerance increased by allowing non strict parsing of XML.
    - EPG enhancements: some events could overlap, this could happen when events are coming from 2 sources ( current transponder, and other transponder), and the events mismatches in time.
    - A-Z sorting was enhanced, and is more rigorous.
    - When changing the language, the entries (which are language contextual) in the other fields were not updated.
    - Opacity of buttons of help bar could be wrong in some panels. Now they are shaded when buttons are inactive, and are in full focus when they are active.
    - Composition error when inserting a device, while playing. A composition error was found when playing a file, and when a second device was inserted.
    - Problem with transparency: issue could be seen on ( black squares)
    - EPG operation were slowing down too much the box (EPG purge). This was optimized and the action is no longer noticeable.
    - EPG cache was not necessarily flushed as it should. The box will now flush cache every day, and events from the past are discarded from memory in order to store events in the future.
    - Wrong blit stretch : In google map, during resizing of map, some parts of the map were strangely resized ( there was a swap between x and Y in the clipping).
    - GUI could be blocked in channel search menu, while permuting transponders \ channel search functions.
    - No tuning after standby, when power cycling the box.
    - Some audio drops on WMA Web radio could be heard.
    - WiFi menu: it was possible to loose the focus in some particular sequence of operation.
    - Analog switch off of outputs was not working after standby operation.
    - Some wrong URL could be played from the browser, in a particular initialization scheme ( reproduced when playing back Internet radio on Eins Live)
    - JPEG pictures with height=1 are improperly displayed.
    - Back to back recordings could fail to execute in “standard” power scheme.
    broom, papa66 und (gelöschter Benutzer) gefällt das.

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