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Tm9100 Kommunications Setup- LAN

Dieses Thema im Forum "TM-9100 Super" wurde erstellt von Holzwurm0101, 30. Dezember 2009.

  1. Holzwurm0101

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    25. November 2007
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    Tm9100 Communications Setup

    ++1. Connecting the TM-9100 to your LAN

    Depending on how you are going to connect to your TM-9100, you will need either a Crossover or straight Ethernet cable.

    * if you are connecting straight to the TM from your PC, you will need a crossover Ethernet cable

    * if you are connected to the TM through a router to your PC, you will need a straight Ethernet cable

    2. Communication setup on your TM-9100

    The next step is to ensure your TM is correctly setup to use the connection to your router or PC.

    On your TM-9100 select ‘Setup’ on your remote control then go to

    Then go to ‘Expert Setup’

    Then ‘Communications setup’

    You should then be greeted with the screen below


    IP Assign your TM-9100 an IP address, Usually Lan address’ start 192.168.x.x
    So assign an address that no other PC or xbox is using on your network. eg

    Netmask This is generally set at

    Type Default setting for Local Area Network (LAN)

    Nameserver & Gateway If you are using a router to connect to the internet, enter its IP address in both of these boxes. If you are not using a routerand the ‘Type’ is set to LAN,then normally these boxes can be disregarded.

    Once completed reboot your TM by selecting ‘MENU’, ‘REBOOT’ then ‘REBOOT NOW’

    You should now be able to communicate with your box. We will now look at setting up DCC which will allow us to FTP and Telnet into the TM-9100. We have not yet added a new image to the TM to allow us to install EMU’s etc … but that will come

    3. DCC Dreambox Control Center

    As said previously this tool will allow you to ftp and telnet into your TM-9100. It will also confirm if your communications setup is correct.

    The latest DCC is version 2.95 and can be downloaded from here DCC Homepage

    Download the latest file and extract it to your PC then run the exe file and you should be greeted with the following screen below


    Once you click the ‘Search button under the Dreambox icon, then you should see the screen below;


    Here you can see it has found 2 devices. In this case , that is the router IP Is the IP address of your TM 9100

    You can click on the address for the TM IP and select Accept. The same can be done for the Router IP address. Once done select ‘Reconnect’ under the ‘This computer window’ and if successful you should see the screen as below;

    This now means you have connectivity to your TM from your PC.


    THX to k@lkov

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