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Infos The new AlonzoBLUE 2.2 Software

Dieses Thema im Forum "AZBox HD Premium / Elite" wurde erstellt von Soaport, 16. Mai 2013.

  1. Soaport

    Soaport Ist gelegentlich hier

    2. April 2012
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    The new AlonzoBLUE 2.2 Software (OpenRSi-OPenPLi tabanlı ULK 3.3.1) OpenPLi-image_AlonzoBLUE_2.2)

    The new AlonzoBLUE 2.2 Software


    Being an OpenRSI based new software, it is the last 29 April 2013 dated software before some of the basic changes made after 30 April 2013. Therefore the importance of this software is something otherwise and I advice you to keep it well. Some of the errors in the versions after 29th April still exist.

    When you install the software, it will be its first be opened in your computer. So, the modules in each model will be installed specifically to the computer’s model in all of AzboxHD models. The new generation (3.0) software requires this. Therefore this software is quite different compared to my previous mods.

    Some of the known bugs such as the green screen problem that occured during Scart option (Video Wizard) in the initial installation, of which we read in foreign forms, are removed. Some users will have to use Scart socket when they have problem with their HDMI connections. There is no green screen problem in MediaCenter. There are a lot of changes made in python files. All camd extensions, particularly AzboxWeather, have been rearranged to be practical (international). ScalingModes have been used in RESOLUTION button. This extension is not found in any other OE 2.0 software. PingFloodKeymap has also been modified for OE 2.0 software in the same way. Again the special Camd extensions are in total accord in order to be able to launch from CamdManager from the CHECK button.

    The software has been prepared for DOM and USB respectively. There are additional 17mb long extensions such as Picon, PiconProv, PiconSat in USB software than in DOM software. Some additional new interfaces such as Concinnity, HD-glass16, GreenPortakal, Metrix and famous Newigma2 have been added as the skins. Also latent extended part of USB memory (sda5) has been activated and with this TimeShift function as well as recording function can be used even there is no hdd docked in the system. Hence I advise you use memory with 16 GB capacity. Even the 1 GB memory I used in my trials was enough to make a bit of recording.

    While there is 5MB empty space remaining in the software installed to DOM, although 20 MB more installation has been made in USB memory installation, there a hundreds of MB empty space left empty according to the capacity of your memory. Therefore a relief has been achieved in the running of the system.

    Software update system feature has been removed system crash since daily faulty files can occur in the updates. PLI SoftCam is also erased.

    After choosing at least one location in Wheater extension, the weather can be viewed in navy, GreenPortakal and Metrix interfaces on infobar screen.

    You can find some pictures below.

    After finishing the installation and loading channel files, if you are using CCcam.cfg file, activate CCcam from the CHECK button after sending the file into /etc and start enigma again.




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    Gruß, Soaport

    Es gibt auch ein paar Bilder, habe keine Ahnung wie ich die intigrieren kann.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 16. Mai 2013
    osiris1 gefällt das.

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