SPAZE 1.0 Millenium Edition AZBox Me/miniMe

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    27. März 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    - Drivers RTi 1.5.0
    - New Kernel with rfmod
    - New skin navySpazeTeam
    - EMC + TimeSleep (recordings)
    - Fixes in EPG
    - Support NTFS-3G
    - spzLedManager
    - Small Fixes in MediaCenter
    - Other Small fixes


    Channel List

    To avoid problems with Channel List, check first our satellites. xml and look the next example:

    Bad: Astra 19.2ºE
    Good: Astra 19.2E


    When you enter to Movies and reproduce the first video, It take about 15 seconds to start playing the video. The next videos reproduce well. This bug happen everytimes that you enter to Movies. We are looking the fail to solve.

    NTFS-3G use

    Edit the fstab file inside /etc and indicate the device formated in NTFS. For now, is not automatic and we must configure it manually.

    For example:

    /dev/sdb1 /media/usb ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

    If you use a Pendrive or External HDD formated in NTFS you must to edit Fstab. If you have also and Internal HDD you need test it and change the differents options. We are working in automatic NTFS mounting ...

    We want publish the FW today and we know about small bugs that we´ll be fixed in future releases.

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