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    SmartWatch Universal IM_v1.2.0

    18. August 2012


    Enables your Sony SmartWatch to receive notifications from MULTIPLE popular instant messaging systems including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Kik, WhatsApp, Google Voice, and KakaoTalk (more may be added later). IF YOU DON'T READ THE DIRECTIONS, THE APP WILL NOT WORK. Don't leave a negative review if you don't read the directions.
    NOTE: Facebook Messenger is a SEPARATE messaging app from Facebook. It is not the main Facebook app.
    What sets this app apart from other notification apps is that each notification will bear a unique icon for the IM/chat system that generated the alert. Additionally, there is custom formatting logic to make the notifications much easier to read for each chat network. Unlike other multi-notifiers, it does not require any complicated 3rd party helper utilities to work.
    Watch this YouTube clip:
    Go to your phone's main settings screen -> Accessibility -> and check "Universal IM Notification". THEN, go into the main SmartWatch application, click "Applications", click "Universal IM Notification", make sure "Enable/Disable" checkbox is checked, click "Universal IM Notification settings", make sure "Active" checkbox is checked. If you use a task killer or if you do a "clear data" on this app, you may have to go back to the Accessibility menu and enable the app, and you may also need to toggle the "Active" checkbox off then back on in the app itself so the SmartWatch will re-register the extension. If you are having problems after an update, uninstall the app, reinstall, and re-enable in your phone's accessibility settings as show above.
    NOTE: Most IM programs will not create notifications while you are using them in the foreground at the time the instant message arrives because it assumes you already know about the new message. In this case, the SmartWatch will not get a notification because the IM program did not generate one. This is the expected behavior.
    IMPORTANT: This app is a notification manager that filters, reformats, and relays notifications generated from the IM system's official application (which you must also have installed) from your phone's notification bar to your SmartWatch. It is published by Unexpected Development and is not in any way affiliated with the publishers of any of the IM services mentioned above.
    LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

    Google Play Store


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