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    Road Trip • MPG, Mileage and Fuel Economy

    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    Road Trip is the fastest and easiest app for tracking of your car’s fuel economy, maintenance history, and expenses.

    Remember to check out Road Trip LITE and Road Trip HD, for the iPad.

    "There’s a ton of MPG apps on the App Store but Road Trip is the best because of its amazingly dense summary screen and its best in class fuel entry screen."
    — Jason D. O'Grady,

    "The most comprehensive road travel app of them all, Road Trip allows you to track mileage, fuel prices, graph out trip expenses, and even export the data to CSV"
    — Ben Parr,

    "The part we like the most is the cool graph that shows fuel costs and average mpg over time. And it lets you look at the cost per day to keep those wheels turning."
    — Car and Driver Magazine

    Road Trip will…
    • Track your fuel economy and fuel costs.
    • Track your maintenance history.
    • Track and compare your vacations and trip costs.
    • Remind you when regular maintenance is due.
    • Prevent expensive premature maintenance.
    • Show you how much money you spend on your car.

    • Mileage and fuel economy tracking.
    • Service and repair log, with service reminders.
    • Expense tracking.
    • Trip tracking and reporting.
    • Comprehensive statistics.
    • Full international support (Metric, US, and Imperial units).
    • Unlimited number of vehicles.
    • Full screen, interactive graphs.

    • All key statistics and graphs on a single page.
    • Cost per day, Cost per km, Moving Average.
    • Maximum distance per tank.
    • Monthly and Yearly distance and cost estimates.

    • Automatic backup to Dropbox.
    • Sync between devices. (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)

    • Tripmeter or Odometer distance entry.
    • Partial fill-ups, Same-day fill-ups, and Missed fill-ups.
    • Currency Conversion.
    • Geo-tagging and mapping.
    • Searching and filtering.
    • Jerrycan Fuel Tracking.
    • Trip Cost Calculator.
    • Distance-To-Empty Calculator.
    • Tire log, including support for summer and winter tires.
    • Distance correction for inaccurate odometers.
    • Monthly and Yearly distance and cost estimates.
    • Trip Computer Logging (fuel economy, average speed, temperature)
    • Graphs for comparing MPG vs. Fuel Type, Driving Conditions, Average Speed, and Temperature.

    • Import and Export CSV

    • Electric vehicle tracking (in kW.h)
    • Home electricity tracking (in kW.h)
    • Powerboat tracking (in Hours)


    Version: 1.10
    Größe: 2 MB

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